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I was glancing upon a devotees request for guidance and I realized that it is all Krishna's doing. How can I help anyone. This is how … Krishna plays with love like a childish immature infant but this is perfect because He is so sweet!! He will simultaneously kill and revive His greatest of servants and they will like it. He has given us such knowledge by the Bhagavatam but still He is active now! Sri Nimai Nitai is onboard the Jai Nimai Nitai and they are so very very sweet. During a violent storm everything was thrown about but the lordS themselves. so I gave up my bed for Nimai ad Nitai. It is without a doubt the best bed on the Jai Nimai Nitai floating world class super cruiser. Let me cut through the red tape. My name is Mahendranath das. I have served my beloved guru in very dangerous times. With Krishnas grace both I and my godbrothers have routed both the Kul Klux Clan and Hosses gang as well.when I was a kirtan leader on Burban street I was attacked by 2 marines by surprise. They were found on the curb holding onto bad wounds and calling me kung fu. I was not Kung Fu but Sri Krishna is. so the only answer is that He aided the situation with His own form of mercy.I was glancing upon a devotees request for guidance and I realized that it is all Sri Krishnas doing. Chant His holy names 24/7. This is not unreasonable because if you chant at least 16 rounds a day you may dream if you chant more say 50 rounds a day you will understand more, so why not try. You only have a short stupid gastric ridiculous life so why not chant 24/7. That is my answer to your guidance problem.

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  • The point that is offten not-unmentioned is that
    Even short acknowledgements
    I.e. the development of - (Regular*)- Or ritualized/i.e. Scheduling daily devotional jester time's & place(s)
    It-The Daily-Practice (Darma)
    Begins to have meaning.
    We do wan't (All of this to mean somthing! ? Don't We ?
    • With the torch-light of acknowledge & the argument of the-ConclusiveTruth" the Vishnavas, like Vikings,- & their rearahfide Seals, alowing them near-instent dominance & bounty. Vishnava's have a rearafyed -Weapon of creativity*
      As time & KARMAs grindDown the lifeForces within the inattentive, minds this *newFound integrity/resources are invaluable? Ji Guru-G, [HDG]
  •    I, for one, do not want to be killed and revived.... you can keep that part....

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