• Krishna will help u....

    have Faith...

    Some times are testing times where he tests our patience and faith...

    Be strong and face them... this is what Krsna teaches us !!!!!

    Best wishes to u Mataji

    hari bol

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    oh Prabhuji, if there is a health problem then don't You think it is better to go to a doctor? 

    as i heard Ganges water is the best for all diseases. But You have to ask it from some of Ayurvedic doctors. 

    I do not know if You used the next link before but please try that one!

    Your servant, 

  • Dear Mataji,

    You yourself are a child of God..Krishna does things at the right time..Divert your attention times there is pressure from family...tolerate it ..A devotee tolerates everything...relax communicate with Krishna and Radha Rani..tell them about what you are facing...They will give you a solution from withing as paramatma or some help from outside...Life is not yours it is Krishna's He can do whatever he may want to with you :)

    Relax keep chanting a lot double your rounds

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Dear Mataji please read this link

    Here is the well done by Krishna Himself. It says that those ladies who desire child should take bath there.


    In the lecture i heard that parents of Madhavendra Puri for nearly 17 years waited to have a son. They performed austerities, gave charities ...but only after 17 years they had a great son. And that son took sannyasa when he was only 5 or 7.

    Also if we want something very much we have to pray to Krishna and at the same time be grateful for those things which we already have.

    Your servant,  

    • I read the link. Where is this place? Where is Bhandiravan?

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        my humble obeisances dear Mataji,

        It is in Vrindavan Dham. Bhandiravan is one of the 12 forests of Vrindavan.

        On Facebook You can find Dina Bandhu Prabhu and request info him about this place. He lives in Vrindavan for many years and disciple of Srila Prabhupada. 

        Your servant, 

        • I am unable to find him on Facebook Mataji. If you can send me the link it will be really helpfull.



        • I know it is vrindavan. But I mean where in Vrindavan? Which place in Vrindavan?

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      another incident was there:

      One Devotee family had two daughters but they wanted very much to have a son. They waited for 5-6 years but they had only girls.

      Then they went to some place and worshiped to Lord Shiva. Then after some time they get a son. But the bad thing is that when son was just 11-15 years old left his body.

      Their friends also did not have a child they also did service to Lord Shiva and got a very nice daughter but when she was just little girl left her body.

      In this way Krishna knows what is good for us and what is bad.

      Your servant,  

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