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    Prabhu, no one is telling Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu is different. Lord Vishnu is Krishna's expansion. He never takes birth. But just an expansion. 

    Their difference is Lord Krishna has 64 main qualities but other expansions have main 60.

    Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 

    There are unlimited number of planets in spiritual world. In each planet Lord resides in different Form or expansion. So one is Vishnu, another is Krishna, Varaha, Narasimha, Lord Chaitanya.....

    Just BECAUSE WE HAVE TENDENCY TO FIGHT AND DISLIKE OTHERS we continue to debate 'no i am right' 'no you are wrong, i am right'....

    Deities are different still same personality. For example, in Chowpatty Mandir in Mumbai Lakshmi Narayana Deities are different from Radha Gopinath. They have different altars, worshiping how we can say that They are same?

    No. Gopinath is Gopinath and Narayana is Narayana. But Narayana is Gopinath's expansion, doesn't He?!

    If one wants to go to Lord Vishnu to Vaikuntha then one worships and meditates upon His four handed form but if one wants to be with Krishna then he will worship and meditate upon Krishna. What is the difficulty?

    Rahul Prabhu is worshiping to Lord Chaitanya who is Krishna so there is not any misunderstanding. 

    Your servant in serving to Srila Prabhupada.

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    Hare Krishna pr, pls accept my humble obeisances AGTSP!

    Though many devotees gave wonderful explanation about the topic mentioned above, but when I myself was new in KC, I too had the same misconception and I too was confused, then I founded the following website really helpful.

    Hope this helps you and you may progress well in your spiritual path.

    Your servant

  • dear sudipta prabhu
    you have mistaken my answer. i dont think any difference between lord narayan and lord krishna. in quadrupal expansion of lord krishna i was just mentioning the "word" krishna not lord krishna! Quadrupal expansion of lord narayana also applies on lord krishna since lord krishna is himself narayana!!

    rudra gita was spoken by lord shiva in praise of lord hari and was given to prechetas!!

    Lord krishna is himself narayana and both are absolutely same.

    hari bol!!
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    Hare Krishna Abhishek Narayan Parayan Prabhuji. PAMHO.AGTSP 

    /*moreover, quadrupal expansion of lord krishna is not mentioned anywhere in the authorized texts like srimad bhagavatam nor in any other sattvik texts composed by veda vyasa ji nor in vedas.
    yes, quadrupal form of lord narayan is indeed mentioned in srimad bhagavatam (rudra gita): (SB 4.24.34 to 36)

    See what reply you have given. It is indeed a wrong message to the new comer. Isn't Sukadeva Goswami in Bhagavatam used name as Vasudeva, Krishna, Narayana , Vishnu simultaneously and indicate the same nondual personality. when you said there is no mention of quadruple form of Krishna , then it  means that Krishna is different from Narayana. Which is totally wrong understanding of Philosophy if we consult Ramanuja,Madhava,Vallava,Nimbarkya,Chaitnya

    I am quoting Bhagavtam verses which talks about this quadruple expansion of Krishna.


    maitreya uvāca

    ity anukrośa-hṛdayo bhagavān āha tāñ chivaḥ

    baddhāñjalīn rāja-putrān nārāyaṇa-paro vacaḥ SB 4.24.32

    The great sage Maitreya continued: Out of his causeless mercy, the exalted personality Lord Śiva, a great devotee of Lord Nārāyaṇa, continued to speak to the King's sons, who were standing with folded hands.

    namaḥ pańkaja-nābhāya bhūta-sūkṣmendriyātmane

    vāsudevāya śāntāya kūṭa-sthāya sva-rociṣe 4.24.34

    My Lord, You are the origin of the creation by virtue of the lotus flower which sprouts from Your navel. You are the supreme controller of the senses and the sense objects, and You are also the all-pervading Vāsudeva. You are most peaceful, and because of Your self-illuminated existence, You are not disturbed by the six kinds of transformations.

    sańkarṣaṇāya sūkṣmāya durantāyāntakāya ca

    namo viśva-prabodhāya pradyumnāyāntar-ātmane  SB 4.24.35

    My dear Lord, You are the origin of the subtle material ingredients, the master of all integration as well as the master of all disintegration, the predominating Deity named Sańkarṣaṇa, and the master of all intelligence, known as the predominating Deity Pradyumna. Therefore, I offer my respectful obeisances unto You.

    namo namo 'niruddhāya hṛṣīkeśendriyātmane

    namaḥ paramahaḿsāya pūrṇāya nibhṛtātmane SB 4.24.35


    My Lord, as the supreme directing Deity known as Aniruddha, You are the master of the senses and the mind. I therefore offer my obeisances unto You again and again. You are known as Ananta as well as Sańkarṣaṇa because of Your ability to destroy the whole creation by the blazing fire from Your mouth.


    Now Read carefully the above verse SB 4.24.32 and then SB 4.24.32 . First it used Narayana and then it used Vasudeva, before explaning the quadruple form. Now if I say as the quadruple verse comes after Vasudeva then it is denoting Krishna's expansion. But I should not intrepret like that then people may think Narayana and Krishna are two different personalities. But no Suka used vasudeva,Naryana consequently to represnt the same being.


    So we should give proper explanation of shastra by following the Acharyas else we may mislead ourself and people.

    Hope this will help

    Your aspiring servant

    Hari Bol

  • dear sudipta prabhu
    dandvat pranam
    there is no difference between the two. Krishna is swayam bhagavan and is narayana himself.
    i am just answering the question where rahul prabhu is asking that "where the information of Quadruple expansions of lord krishna are given".

    my statements are not intended to invite any argument in whatsoever form nor to offend anybody. whether you worship lord krishna or lord narayana..its absolutely the same thing!

    hari bol
  • dear prabhu
    I agree that the lord krishna is the sweetest form of lord!!
    moreover, quadrupal expansion of lord krishna is not mentioned anywhere in the authorized texts like srimad bhagavatam nor in any other sattvik texts composed by veda vyasa ji nor in vedas.
    yes, quadrupal form of lord narayan is indeed mentioned in srimad bhagavatam (rudra gita): (SB 4.24.34 to 36)

    hari bol
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      Hare Krishna Abhishek Narayan Parayan Prabhuji. PAMHO.AGTSP 

      Tell me do you see any difference in Narayana and Krishna from scriptural perspective?

      isn't scriptures and all sampradaya says Lord Krishna = Lord Narayana ? if A=B , then isn't B's attributes are attributes of A?

      According to your logic even Vasudeva, Keshava are different from Lord Narayana ? Do scriptures has any support of your statement ?

      Your aspiring servant

      Hari bol

  • dear prabhu
    in your question, you said that your are confused. Thats why, I thought to give you a detailed answer!! It was my attempt to clear a confusion of a dear devotee of lord, who is also very dear to me!!
    Anyhow, if you are asking question asking this question to only vaishnavas who worship krishna form as supreme, then, let them give their views. But the reality remains reality as confirmed in vedas.

    anyways, pls forgive me if anything goes wrong!! good day prabhu!

    dandvat pranam

    hari bol!!
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