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    I got very much intrigued to know what is the story of Lord Nilamadhava... As I also didn't know it previously.
    I came across this story. about Lord Nila Madhava. I would like to share it.
    Jara, the hunter who was considering himself as the cause of Krishna disappearance.., is reborn as a Shabara tribal man named Biswa Basu. He discovers a congealed blue stone—Krishna's heart—in the forests around Puri and worships this giant stone as Nila Madhava. This stone was placed in the heart region of the Central deity of Jaganntha by the sculptor Ananata Maharana.

    As told by mata ji yes Sakanda purana has this story and more about it. I just read this story felt nice wanted to share.
    Hare Krishna.
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    I have heard Skanda Purana talks extensively about Lord Jagannath's appearance. Maybe you could check there. It is the longest purana, and I have not raed it. Simply telling you what I have heard in lectures.

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