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I have been facing a lot of difficulty in convincing my south indian friend that Lord Krsna is the cause of all causes and is the primeval lord, as explained in Brahma Samhita , BG and SB. But he continues to put his version that Lord Vishnu must only be worshiped, as He appeared first and Lord Krsna later.

Please help me to convince him. As he is my fast friend else I would have given up the argument.

Thanks alot

Hari Bol


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    • There is no need to convince a worshiper of Vishnu that HE is an avatar of Krishna. If he is fixed in that bhava your sympathy will only enrage him. His believe is good for his motivation. So no need to try to change that or discuss philosophy which is contradictory to his bhavas. It is better to discuss gaudiya vaishnava philosophy with like minded devotees only as Sanatan Dharma is so vast that everyone will be able to quote something to justify his stand. That is why we have to be in one of the 4 authenticated parampara to know our abhideya(process) and attain our prayojana(goal). This prayojana is different for all these 4 paramparas and the destination (Dhamas) are also different. What to speak of other parampara even in gaudiya vaishnava one may attain Vaikuntha, Dwaraka,Mathura , Goloka based on his mode of practice. So it is better not to try to change the motivation of other paramparas if they are fixed in worship of any other deity than Radha Krishna.

  • copied from/see more - http://www.krishna.com/topic-term/vishnu

    Is following Krishna the same as following Vishnu, since Vishnu is Krishna’s avatar?

    Our Answer:
    Krishna and Vishnu worshippers are both Vaishnavas , since Krishna and Vishnu are both in the Vishnu category, the Supreme Godhead. The specifics of Their worship may vary, but essentially They are the same person.

    Vishnu is a form of the Supreme Person, described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam as an extraordinarily beautiful male with a dark bluish complexion, decorated with dazzling, spiritual gems, and four hands—holding a club, conchshell, chakra(disc), and lotus flower.

    When Krishna, the original Personality of Godhead, wishes to create the material world, He expands Himself into three Vishnu forms to do so. 1) Maha-Vishnu creates innumerable universes, 2) Garbhodakashayi Vishnu enters each universe and creates all the planetary systems, and 3) Ksirodakashayi Vishnu enters the hearts of all beings, as well as into each atom of the universe.

    In the Bhagavad-gita, Krishna explains that the ultimate goal of the mystic yoga system is to fix one's mind on the form of Vishnu within the heart. By doing so, one can transfer himself to the spiritual world, which is beyond all the material universes. A unique form of Vishnu presides over each planet there and is eternally served with great reverence and affection by countless devotees.

    I thought the universe had many gods. What about the Hindu Trinity ...

    The first tier of universal management consists of three executive heads: BrahmaVishnu, and Shiva. Each is such a powerful controller that they are sometimes given equal status within Vedic literature—and inaccurately called “the HinduTrinity” by Western scholars. The Srimad-Bhagavatam explains that Vishnu is God, or a full expansion of Krishna, whereas Brahma is a finite soul, and Shiva is in a category of his own, slightly less than God. Both Brahma and Shiva are servants of Vishnu, empowered by Him for universal work.

    • Vishnu is in charge of primary creation, as well as maintenance and the mode of goodness
    • Brahma is in charge of secondary creation and the mode of passion
    • Shiva is in charge of destruction and the mode of ignorance

    Working under these powerful controllers are many demigods, or devas, empowered to fulfill universal duties. As departments within a city government manage the delivery of water and electricity, the devas oversee the material world.

    We should not mistakenly worship the devas as God. We are indebted to them, but they supply life's necessities on God’s behalf using His energies, and we can pay our debt to them by worshiping Him. By satisfying Krishna, all His servants are satisfied.

    my comment - Bhagwad gita and shrimad bhagwatam are enough to understand who is the param cause of all causes.

    hare krishna !!

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