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    Based on how lord Krishna finished His Lila does not make him a Man. Remember Krishna expanded himself into 16,108 forms of Krishna too to be wedded with 16,108 women devotees. Can a human expand himself into 16,108 forms of himself?

    Krishna at the age of 3 months killed a fierce demon Putana. Can a human do that?

    Krishna, as a little boy lifted Govardan Hill on His little finger. Can a human do that?

    Explain to him amicably, all these and ask him which part made him think that Krishna was just a human being who got immortalized.

    Chances are he is envious or reading mayavadi philosophy. If it is later, then give him a book called intelligent questions and intelligent answers by Srila Prabhupada. I think thats the name, but not 100% sure. Perhaps another devotee can correct me on the title.

    If he is not open minded, then you must refrain from preaching this non believer. It is Namaparada to preach to the unfaithful and can seriously stunt your growth in Krishna Consciousness.

    Only way to preach to non believers without committing Namaparada offense is through Harinama Sankirtana, as stated by Namacharya Srila Haridas Takore (Harinama Cintamani)

    Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jai!

    • prabhu book is "perfect questions perfect answers"

      nice reply

      hari bol

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        Thank you mataji, really appreciate your help.

        Hare Krishna.

        • This is my first experience in this forum.


          First thanks to all of you who replied. Definitely I am now armed more than required to face it.


          Also this system of devotee association is quiet effective. There is a strong feeling of belongingness and am not alone in facing issues in life. There are a battalion of sincere souls(All belonging to SP's family) ready to help.


          Jai Srila Prabhupad !!! Jai Gurudev !!!

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