Lord Krishna

Hare krishna to all the devotees.

I am so much confused about Lord that there are many queries in my mind out of so many one i need to be clear of

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and Lord Rama is another expansion of Krishna

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is also devotee expansion of Krishna or may say Krishna himself. One thing i want to know is that in form of Lord Rama he displays a high character by having only one wife then as Lord Chaitanya he does remarriage on death of his first wife on request of his mother then at age of 24 he takes sanyasa.when once chota haridas saw a woman with bad intention then lord left him later he commits suicide.Question arises that the same Lord as krishina himself when incarnated in he had pastimes with gopis,Radharani and 16108 wives this stunnes my mind i am a lot confused about all this please i am a fool to ask like this but it is beyond my brain.please kindly bless me


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                Sathyabama was very proud of her wealth. Lord loved her very much. Of his 16108 wives, Rukumani and Sathyabama were his favorites. Rukumani was very humbel, soft hearted and had no pride at all for what she had. Sathyabam was very rich and obiviously got very proud of her riches. Also she could not tolerate Krishna being with any others home.


                One day, Krishna stays back with Rukumani. Sathyabama will be waiting for the lord to come. But the Lord does not come. Next day, Narada muni visits Satyabamas palace and informs her that Krishna was with Rukumani last night. She gets very angry on lord.


                Sathyabama then inquires from Narada muni as how she can get Krishna for her self permanently? Narada muni tells about a vrata according to which She has to perform puja early in the morning and then give Krishna in charity to a qualified brahaman. She gets very angry. Then NArada muni continues, that she can give gold equal to the weight of Lord and get back Krishna from the brahamana and latter Krishna will remain hers permanently.


                Sathyabhama becomes very happy hearing this. Narada muni askes if she has enough gold to weigh Krishna? She says she can get 1000s of Krishna with her Gold. That was her wealth and level of pride.


                Latter in the day when Lord comes home, she makes him agree for the dhaan and Lord also agrees after some argument. Next day all the arrangements will be made for the puja. After performing the pooja, She gives Krishna in charity to NArada muni - who else can be a qualified brahamana than him to take Krishna in charity? And all will proceed to the scale where they would weigh the gold equal to Krishna's weight.


                On one side of the Scale, Krishna sits and on the other side, Sathyabhama starts to load the Gold. She puts tons and tons of gold and still the scale does not move even a millimeter upwards. All the gold in her treasure will be over. She then removes all her ornaments to put in the scale and still it does not move. Hare Krishna...


                By definition of God as I had heard in one of the class, God is some one who is heavier than the heaviest and lighter than the lightest, taller than the tallest, shorter than the shortest, sweeter than the sweetest, and soo on...


                She does not know what to do now. Narada muni says he is a traveling sanyasi and he can not take Krishna with him every where he goes. If she does not give him the enough quantity of Gold, he shall sell him to some one else and leave the place. Then some of her well wishers suggest that she approach Rukumani.


                With heavy heart she goes to the palace of Rukumani and explains the whole scene. Rukumani laughs at the ignorance of Sathyabama and runs to the site where Krishna is being weighed with gold. She says to Sathyabhama that you can not weigh Krishna with the gold in the whole creation and asks her to take out all the gold in it. She then takes out a finger ring and puts a tualsi leaf on it and offers wonderful prayers to Lord and put this one gold ring. To every ones surprise, the scale not only moves, but touches the ground. Hari bol!!!


                Sathyabhama realizes the truth that she can not win Krishna with her wealth and surrenders to him. This shows how lord can be purchased with the love and devotion of a pure devotee.


                HAre KRishna.

                • Hari Bol!!!

                  Thanks for sharing this wonderful past time of krishna to all of us...


                • yes prabhu.. this is a very nice story..i have seen it in kannada movie  sri krishna tulaabhaara ...

                             thank you.. harekrishna

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              Mataji nice explaination.


              I just remembered how Lord showed that he can be purchased by only pure unalloyed love of his devotees. Do you people know the past time of Satyabama selling Krishna to NArada and latter Rukumani buying him with her devotion???

              • Hare krishna prabhu ji

                I heard this story few days back in the lecture don't know which one but kindly tell again.

                Hari bol
              • No prabhuji...

                Please do tell us.

                hare krishna

  • Hare Krishna Sudheendra Prabhuji,

    i jusd read your comments..truly amazing

    Thanks a lot



  • Hare krishna Sudheendra prabhu ji thankyou for your reply my doubts are clear to some point thankyou.

    Hari bol
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      Does that mean you still have some doubt or questions in your mind. pls feel free to express your doubts.
      • Hare krishna prabhu ji

        i accept this truth that lord krishna is not a manufactured God he was bhagawan from the very beginning of his age as a new born baby he kills putana and then many more he was not a manufactured god but still i am a material person not even a good devotee such type of ques comes that how is he able to lift govardhana hill and do so many unapproachable things,i was going through the conversation of saibaba existence that so much path deviating about the chamatkar point. The leelas of krishna should be considered as chamatkar or what. I have seen in tv that there were many serials based on om namah shivaya. and on goddess durga too each follower of particular demigod showsthe particu lar god or goddess as suprme in one episode of devi dont know the particular serial name but it was shown virat roop of durga devi. But i dont think that any scripture mentions such type of thing that she has a virat roop
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