Lord Krishna

Hare krishna to all the devotees.

I am so much confused about Lord that there are many queries in my mind out of so many one i need to be clear of

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and Lord Rama is another expansion of Krishna

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is also devotee expansion of Krishna or may say Krishna himself. One thing i want to know is that in form of Lord Rama he displays a high character by having only one wife then as Lord Chaitanya he does remarriage on death of his first wife on request of his mother then at age of 24 he takes sanyasa.when once chota haridas saw a woman with bad intention then lord left him later he commits suicide.Question arises that the same Lord as krishina himself when incarnated in he had pastimes with gopis,Radharani and 16108 wives this stunnes my mind i am a lot confused about all this please i am a fool to ask like this but it is beyond my brain.please kindly bless me


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          your answered your questions yourself above. I will try to elaborate it a bit.


          When ever we hear/read anything spritual we should verify by this 3 fold methods which Srila Prabhupaada has given. That is Guru-Saadhu-Shastra. If what you have heard/read something and the same is acknolodged by All 3 that is Guru or his representatives, Saadhu - devotees and Shastra - scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavadgita, we can accept that as true knowledge. otherwise it can not be consider as any information having any value. Durga devi or Maya devi is sister of Krishna. She is the material energy and she is devine. I dont say it because of some serial but because Krishna says it in Bhagavatgita 7.14 daivé hy eñä guëa-mayé - This divine energy of Mine.


          I would like to share another very nice point about Lord Sri Krishna which I had heard long time back when I was a student and visiting Iskcon youth classes. It was the discussion about God - Who is God. So that devotee was saying God is some one who is smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest, lighter than the lightest and heavier than heaviest. You take any quality, God is complete in it - Purnaah. That is why he is God. This is also stated in Śrī ĪśopaniṣadInvocation which you can read from http://vedabase.net/iso/invocation/en . the translation says -

          The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete, and because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as complete wholes. Whatever is produced of the Complete Whole is also complete in itself. Because He is the Complete Whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance.


          Prabhupaad says we have not enough knowledge to understand Krishna with our limited senses because God is unlimited. This is stated in Sri Brahama Samhita also - Advaitam acyutam anädim ananta rupam...


          Prabhupaad has made the most complex process very simple for the tipical Kaliyuga products like all of us. Just chant Hare Krishna which is the yuga dharma 16 rounds every day, follow 4 regulative principles, eat only Krishna Prasadam, Associate with devotees and do not commit Vishnava aaparadha and he assures that we will go back home back to godhead this very life. Soo there is some hope even in this dark age of Kali.

          • Hari bol prabhu very rightly said this is really true that we cannot understand krishna with our limited senses. Everything was a satisfying ans. Thankyou

            hari bol
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    Hare Krishna,



    First of all thank you very much for asking such genuine and wonderful questions. It is true that when we hear about Gaur Lila, we get confused or bevildered as how can Chaitnyamahaprabhu do this??? But we have to understand one thing before any thing that he is Krishna himself and he can do any thing. Srila Prabhupad gives nice example. If we have some place where there is a board indicating NO PARKING in a Factory, and the owenr of that factory parks his car next to that board, no one has any right to question him nor can any one ask him to remove it from there for it is his Factory. Now, Krishna is Jagannatha - Lord of the Universe!!! How can we question on what he should dop and what not.


    Further on your question about Lord Ram that he had onnly one wife. Differenet Avatara - Expansion of Lord come to this world for a specific purpose and also in different mood. Lord Ram had woved to be married to only one wife. Hence, he had to remain with mother Sita alone. While Krishna is not any expansion. He is bhagavaan swayam. For him there is no rules and regulations. The Raasa dance with Gopies very high reailization of Love of God. This can not be compared with the dance of a boy and girl in some night club. Krishna was the King of Dwaraka and according to shastras, a King can hav more than one wife. In case of Krishna, it was 16 108. But we can not immitate him by marrying more than one wife. If we want to do this, then we should also do all other great activites Krishna had done as a small boy by killing great demons like putana, bakasura, shakatasura, etc... He lifted Govardan hill with his little fingure of his Left hand and hold it for 7 days continuesly without any strain. can we do that? No it is not possible. We can not even keep our hands raised for 7 days long what to speak of lifting giriraj Govardan. Besides, we learn from guru sadhu and shastra that Krishna effortlessly maintained all his wifes. He would be personally present with all his wifes every day and all his wifes would think that Krishna is only with them. Also, while doing the Rasa danse, every Gopi would think that Krishna is looking at them only. Besides, he was only a 7 year old boy while doing the Rasa dance. What we can see in this past time is only the lust for a boy towards opposite sex. but it it beyond that and takes life times to understand this.


    Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu is no doubt Krishna himself. This is not based on some sentiment but based on shastras. Srimad Bhagavatam predicted his appeariance. If I am not wrong, it think Sri Vaman Dev predicted it as I had heard from some devotee that Krishna will appear as Akrishnam - non black complexion.


    Mahaprabhu appeared in this world to experiance the love of Radha rani and all Gopies to Krishna. He came as a devotee. He got remarried after his first wife left her body on request of his mother. He was very young at that time and Shastras allow for remarriage at that age in case of death of wife. He took Sanyaas at the age of 24 and after that never met his wife. For a Sanyasi, it is required that they do not see the face of their wife in their lifetime. Mahaprabhu did that only. Mahaprabhu wanted to show all of us what a person in renounced order of life must do. For a Sanyasi/Brahamachari it is not permitted to look at women with bad intention. If a person is not able to control his desire/attraction to opposite sex, he should get married and lead a Grahasta life and when he has attained control on his senses, he can take renounced order latter in his life. This is vedic system of Varanaashrama dharama. A Grahasta should look at all women except his wife as his mother. Chota haridaas was not a grahasta. Being in a renounced order, he commited a big mistake of getting intemate with women. Shastras say - A Sanyasi or a brahamachari who looks at other mens wife, other women with lusty intention, wife of his Guru/King or his mother should commit suicide for he is not worth to be living in the socity. This statement may be very strong but it is very much required. That is the reason why Chota haridas was not allowed to come back in the camp of Mahaprabhu. and when Mahaprabhu came to know that chota haridas commited suicde, he said he deserves it. Mahaprabhu never ever wanted to set a bad example being in renounced order and not folowing the regulation strictly.


    I hope your doubts are atlease clear to some extent if not fully. Hare Krishna.



  • Hare krishna savitha mataji thankyou for your reply but here i wanna clear that i was not at all comparing chota haridas to lord krishna but just i am not clear that such a strict God as lord rama and as chaitanya mahaprabhu how as krishna himself when came nearly 5000 years ago has so many wives. We have heard many mundane descriptions so i want to get this point very clear through authorities so that i should not make any further offence. Hare krishna
    • hare krishna priyaji,,,

                Lord Krishna  expands himself as RAAMA, VISHNU,,,,,etc  only for devotees with different moods.HE has given freedom to his devotees to love him or have faith in him according to their mood...some devotees want to follow all man made principles. for them krishna came as sri raama..they naturally like  sri raama,,krishna comes as nautiest child for devotees who like krishna as a baby..  nautiest friend for gopas and gopis..as protecter for vrindavan people.the main intension of krishna is to attract  other devotees who are in the steps of bhakti  and give them chance to  live with HIM in his abode happily.. by making them totally immersed in pure love for him......There are so many vaikuntas ,raam loka thatmeans saaketh..goloka nd all....devotees who worship and totally surrenderd to NAARAYANA goes to vaikuntaas,,devotees of raama goes to saaketh..and devotees of krishna goes to GOLOKA...

                   IF A DEVOTEE really want to achieve this goal  he has to achieve pure bhakti...so his mind should always think about his lord...when he attracted to woman illegaly,, his mind do not support him to think of god...but always about that woman..then  all his good intensions will be ruind....thatswhy lord punished chota haridas to teach a lesson for other devotees.....People of vrindavan..wives of krishna were not ordinery men nd wemen..they were doing tapasya from so many janmas to get association of lord



      • Hari bol mataji thankyou for your reply this explanation was knowledgeable.
  • pls dont read so many books.... chant hare krishna maha manthra,,,surrender yourself to krishna.... its like primary standerd student getting confussions about college level studies...

                                                       when you will be prepare for these knowledges Krishna will help you to understand.

                              pls forgive me if im rash in saying

  • priyaji,,, LORD KRISHNA is like fire. and devotees are gold..all HIS devotees like gopis. his wives animals which showed love for HIM...... get HIS DHAAMA as their level of deep bhakti.. pls dont compare chota haridas to krishna...
  • Please i would be delighted if some great soul clears my doubts.

    Hari bol
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