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Hare krishna to all the devotees.

I am so much confused about Lord that there are many queries in my mind out of so many one i need to be clear of

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and Lord Rama is another expansion of Krishna

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is also devotee expansion of Krishna or may say Krishna himself. One thing i want to know is that in form of Lord Rama he displays a high character by having only one wife then as Lord Chaitanya he does remarriage on death of his first wife on request of his mother then at age of 24 he takes sanyasa.when once chota haridas saw a woman with bad intention then lord left him later he commits suicide.Question arises that the same Lord as krishina himself when incarnated in he had pastimes with gopis,Radharani and 16108 wives this stunnes my mind i am a lot confused about all this please i am a fool to ask like this but it is beyond my brain.please kindly bless me


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Hari Bol!!!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful past time of krishna to all of us...


HK,chota haridas was awarded spiritual body after he left his material body.he was the pure devotee of god it is said that @ the most what chotta haridas wud have possibly desired was jus to tak 1 luk @ the woman who was very elderly to him(like of 1s mother' age).chaintanya mahaprabhu used to tak service from him in his spiritual body.he used to sing for the lord.jus to set correct standards for all kalyug creatures he artificialy banished chotta haridas but actually e1 that was the mercy.chainya mahaprabhu is very merciful everything he does automatically becomes mercy!

-ys ronak

very true

Hare krishna  mata jee,

Just trying to reply to your question.


During the time of Rama it was a lesson that lord wanted to exhibit to the world (among which one was that if you have a bad eye on other's wife you will be destructed). These 1628 gopis or krishna's wives (not sure about the no), but who were they? They were devotees from millions and trillions of birth and who wished to marry lord because lord was so beautiful that everyone wanted him. Krishna is the supreme enjoyer and supreme creator, he does not want anything. Whatever he does is for the pleasure of others as he is enjoying supremely the most. Chaitanya mahaprabhu remarried to respect his mother and then took sannayasa to show that he was not attached to family life let it be second marriage, whatever lord did he did it for a very deep and intense lesson for the world to learn. Chota haridas could not live with the pain of separation from mahaprabhu and thus again a lesson to the world to never ever think of anything other than krishna.


Hope i replied what you were asking.

In your service,


Dear Lord's visits to the material worlds or dukhalayas are themselves His Blessings of cause less mercy.

They are demos or demonstrations of:

1. Ideal behavior as Bhagavan Maryada Purushotam in His decent as Lord Rama.

2. His pass times as Sri Sri Radhe Sir Krishna Chandra, which we are not supposed to try and follow suite or imitate. It is to be understood that in such pass times He demonstrates His constant activities in His Divine Domains Goloka where co operation and facilitation need to be provided by His eternal servants (us) starting from our intent, conviction and behavior right from NOW and take it forward progressively. He will take you once he likes it.

3. As Divine Chaitanya Maha Prabhu as an amalgamated Avatar of Himself and His own Gopis, He first demonstrated enjoyment of the same and presented/offered the Transcendental Ocean of Love to all Freely. He then demonstrated his obedience to His mortal mother by re marrying and subsequently demonstrated the repercussions re rejection (the 1st one is at the Viraja) of His  Divine Self by Chota Haridas.


As you may know technically from mundane perspective He can be explained as follows:

a. n mux

b. n band

c. n switch

And so is His Internal Pleasure Potency Srimati Radha Rani.


One must also understand that in their case(my Dear Bhagavan Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna Chandra) 1 minus n = 1

hare krishna

please accept my humble obeisances

all glories to srila prabhupada

just remember that krishna is the supreme personality of godhead,that is to say that he is the supreme proprietor,the supreme enjoyer and the supreme friend...16108 is very less gopis that he enjoys with....he can create zillions and zillions of living entities just to enjoy with them and prove that he is the supreme and no one else is there above comes the point of his expansions who come just to teach us innumerous things...example u said that lord chaitanya was very strict when it came to women..u was just because he wanted to teach us that we must avoid opposite sex if we want to advance spiritually...same is the case with lord rama...he also wanted to teach us chastity...

and if lord krsna behaves in the manner his expansions behave,then how will he prove that he is the supreme personality of godhead...for proving it he must perform some superhuman or most dangerous feats then all other expansions...u that is the point i was trying to make...krishna wants us to worship his krishna form that is the chief of all...

the conclusion in short-

krishna is the chief of all other incarnations perform such activities that he performs in superficiality... and he wants us to worship this form of his(krishna)...

other incarnations come just to teach us many things...for example chaitanya mahaprabhu came in the form of a devotee of krishna and he just wanted us to show how shall devotional life be executed...

narsimhadeva came to prove his love for devotees and since he came for protection of a single devotee it is our duty to learn that god is the only supreme well wisher of ours...and through study u can analyze other incarnations..the point will be the same...

i hope i am able to clarify your doubts by the mercy of krishna...if not please revert me back without hesitation...

ready to serve you...

hare krishna

srila prabhupada ki jaya


Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji


Thanks for your reply all answers i got are awesome clearing doubts . Main thing is to accept Lord Krishna as Supreme master and surrender him with love.

lord Chaitanya rejecting chota haridas is part of lila to teach us.

Krishna is (sannskrit)charachar patey means husband of everything. pati means pran rakshati iti pati (one who saves/protects ) therefore he marries one, two or thousands or all living entities doesn't make difference.

krishna never exploit anyone he is the most purest, honest and humble person he resides in heart of stoolwarm also as parmatma, because we compare him to human or put him in vedic rules or relate as per our own conditioning.

we may exploit Krishna but Krishna can't exploit, Krishna never exploit any girl e.g. sweetmaker doesn't like much sweets and krishna is sweetmaker and gopis are like sweets. it is the only desire of devotees to make different relations may be as boyfriend , brother , husband and so on

in gross words he is our hero mean entertainer, protector,lover,care  taker, best friend,... everything. best person to surrender and serve.he only serves us we take credit.


sincere regards,


Thankyou for such lovely explanation.


All glories to Srila Prabhupada.


Hare Krsna.

It may seem mind boggling the numerous pastimes of the Lord and when he has to wrap up his extensive play one should also give some thought of his quality of renunciation. I think no personality of godhead can compare with Krsna when it comes to supreme renunciation. It is said that he shot out in space like a bolt of lightning after being injured from the arrow of Jara the hunter and that was after witnessing the destruction of his whole family and his favorite city Dwarka. It was because of his quality of active renunciation that his devotees could feel separation from him and ultimately join in him in Godhead. I also feel that this was also exhibited by Srila Prabhupada although in a lesser degree and there may be many who feel separation from him. That is the beauty of ISKCON!

Correction- The pastimes of the Lord are without number but we remember the prominent ones. Lord Caitanya wanted to experience the mood of Radha so it did not behoove him to reign like a king with many wives as in dwapra yuga. He is very merciful for he freely gave the gift of the name to all. That is the highest gift which even krishna hesitated to give. In a way Lord Caitanya is greater than Krishna and yet they are the same and so is Ram.

Another correction - Lord Krishna hesitates to give. If we speak of him in the past tense then we should also speak of him in the present and future tense. Thank you


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