Lord krishna or lord vishnu?

Hare krishnaIn bhagawat gita it is said that krishna is the supreme personality of godhead and from krishna only vishnu came.But my friend said that in vishnu puran it is said that vishnu is the supreme godhead and noone is above him, and he is the cause of all the incarnations, i m confused about it, please clear my doubts prabhuji.Hari bol

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    There is no difference between Krishna and Vishnu. They are both supreme godheads because they are the same (case in point- I believe Goloka is located in the center of the Vaikuntha realm)
    Krishna is described as isvarah parama krsnah in the Brahma Samhita and he is also anadir adir and Sarva karanakaranam or without an origin and the cause of all causes.
    Furthermore, it is mentioned (I think it's the Bhagavatam, but I might be wrong) how Krsna expands to Balarama who then expands to the first quaternary expansions (Narayana forms with different items in different hands...)

    A nice way to explain your friend is that Krsna is God at home (playing flute, roaming with cowherd boys, rasa Lila with gopis) and Vishnu is God at work (he like your friend mentions is the cause of these incarnations. He maintains the world, the demigods go to him when in trouble, etc)

    I have a few pics that I will upload later
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