Lord Krishna is Incarnation of Lord Vishnu????

Hare Krishna



As said by Lord Himself in Bhagavad_Gita that He is Supreme Personality of God Head and other Gods or Demigods are his incarnation or his servants....

How to convinced those who said  Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu...

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  • Ot does seem that Krishna not only speaks of Himself as the Supream God several times in the. Gita. As well as going to great lengths throughout Hics entire living life to pruve it to all the other Gods, So to state otherwise would certinly be to contradict KRISHNA Himself. However Vishnu is # 1st. Umong Incarnations. With out doubt! As demonstrated by actions & qulity of being. If one were honesty realized by direct perception & or experiencchel knowledge! Hence to state otherwise is simply to ask the question! Is Vishnu or Krishna the Head God, & or to addmit /announce*one's ignorance of the truth to one who has seen Krishna's diminstrations 1sy. Hand & remembersb (by Vishnue's Grace) ne welcome.
    As by Grace we all remember & forget as limated mortals.Hare Hare bolah!
  • Several devotees say that Lord Vishnu is JUST a demigod (or say that n-times Lord Vishu’s names same as 1 name of  Krishna) though Srila Prabhupada has explained many times that they are the same person (at home he is the father and at work he is the president) – following are some of the verses from Srila Prabhupadas writing.



    Two key references from CC and NOD


    1)    CC  Madya 22. http://vedabase.net/cc/adi/2/114/

    Some say that Kṛṣṇa is the incarnation of Kṣīrodakaśāyī Viṣṇu. None of these statements is impossible; each is as correct as the others.

    2)      Nectar of Devotion: Chapter 2:

    We should always try to mold the activities of our lives in such a way that we will constantly remember Visnu, or Krsna. That is Krsna consciousness. Whether one concentrates his mind on the four-handed form of Visnu or on the form of two-handed Krsna, it is the same. 





    Verses First few chapters of SB


    1)      Suta Goswami http://vedabase.net/sb/1/10/26/

    Oh, how supremely glorified is the dynasty of King Yadu, and how virtuous is the land of Mathurā, where the supreme leader of all living beings, the husband of the goddess of fortune, has taken His birth and wandered in His childhood.

    3)     Uddava : http://vedabase.net/sb/3/4/7/en

    The Lord's body is blackish, but is eternal, full of bliss and knowledge, and very, very beautiful. His eyes are always peaceful, and they are reddish like the rising morning sun. I could immediately recognize Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead by His four hands, different symbolic representations, and yellow silk garments.

    4)     Pariksit : http://vedabase.net/sb/1/19/15/en

    O brāhmaṇas, just accept me as a completely surrendered soul, and let mother Ganges, the representative of the Lord, also accept me in that way, for I have already taken the lotus feet of the Lord into my heart. Let the snake-bird — or whatever magical thing the brāhmaṇa created — bite me at once. I only desire that you all continue singing the deeds of Lord Viṣṇu.

    5)     Parikshit saved by 4 handed.. http://vedabase.net/sb/1/12/9/en

    The Lord was enriched with four hands, earrings of molten gold and eyes blood red with fury. As He loitered about, His club constantly encircled Him like a shooting star.

    6)     Sukdev goswam: http://vedabase.net/sb/5/17/1/en2

    Sukadeva Gosvami said: My dear King, Lord Visnu, the enjoyer of all sacrifices, appeared as Vamanadeva in the sacrificial arena of Bali Maharaja. Then He extended His left foot to the end of the universe and pierced a hole in its covering with the nail of His big toe. Through the hole, the pure water of the Causal Ocean entered this universe as the Ganges River. Having washed the lotus feet of the Lord, which are covered with reddish powder, the water of the Ganges acquired a very beautiful pink color. Every living being can immediately purify his mind of material contamination by touching the transcendental water of the Ganges, yet its waters remain ever pure. Because the Ganges directly touches the lotus feet of the Lord before descending within this universe, she is known as Visnupadi. Later she received other names like Jahnavi and Bhagirathi. After one thousand millenniums, the water of the Ganges descended on Dhruvaloka, the topmost planet in this universe. Therefore all learned sages and scholars proclaim Dhruvaloka to be Visnupada ["situated on Lord Visnu's lotus feet"].

    7)     Bhisma: http://vedabase.net/sb/1/7/52/en

    Caturbhuja [the four-armed one], or the Personality of Godhead, after hearing the words of BhīmaDraupadī and others, saw the face of His dear friend Arjuna, and He began to speak as if smiling.

    8)     King Nabhi: http://vedabase.net/sb/5/3/1/en2

    Sukadeva Gosvami continued to speak: Maharaja Nabhi, the son of Agnidhra, wished to have sons, and therefore he attentively began to offer prayers and worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Visnu, the master and enjoyer of all sacrifices. Maharaja Nabhi's wife, Merudevi, who had not given birth to any children at that time, also worshiped Lord Visnu along with her husband.



    Interesting verses (mostly from Lord Krishna’s appearance from previous day of Bramha): http://vedabase.net/sb/7/5/30/en, http://vedabase.net/sb/4/12/22/en

    • my humble obeisances to all

      Hare Krishna to all

      and thanks for giving such explanations and sharing beautiful spiritual knowledge .. i m nothing  in front of u ... so dandwats to all of u

      I m very glad that i m here ..

      Happy new year ...2014

      HARI BOL

  • Yes i know , they are all the same and i respect all religion and their religious views.

    But im more interested to know his various incarnations or expansions or how he runs the universe .

    And to find this out , i have taken a broader approach to know the Lord , from the perspective of various different religions , by going through various religious scriptures like The Book of Genesis to Puranas etc.

    I have yet to read much more like the Quran , The Book of Mormon , The Book of Enoch , The Bhagavatam etc.

    All this to find out if there is any similarity , when it comes to Lord's creations and wonders of the Universe .

    Some take the path of Devotion (Bhakti) to attain Lord , while some take the path of Knowledge .

    I took the latter one in which im still progressing :)

    And one can always make mistake while one is researching on a subject . And i do accept my mistake here :)

    Peace & Hare Krishna.

    • My humble obeisances to Vasudeva,

      I agree with dean's comments above.

      There are many devotees who take a comparative approach to world religions. Although this in the outset seems to be the most practical approach to gain understanding of this world and its many religions, this invariably leads to misunderstanding. Religions should be viewed as an evolution. Vedic scriptures pre-dates most scriptures including the Hindu Religion. Sri-Mad Baghavatam is a holistic summary of this through the various acaryas in history.

      The Sri-Mad Baghavatam has presented to us this evolution elaborately and concluded that all religions make its appearance according to place and time through the expert arrangements of Vasudeva. Since we do not have a birds eye view of religions which pre-dates most of our lifetimes, through our personal effort and research we can easily conclude this. Whats also important is the intentions of our pursuit in reading religion. If we go in with a comparative mindset we will always find the differences which exist. Instead our endeavour should always be to first pursue our relationship with Vasudeva and clean all self-interest from our heart. When this is done, through providence we will have a clear impartial vision which allows you to have the desire to view everything in oneness . 

      Just as it says in the Srimad Bhagavatham that true equality will only be achieved if we can appreciate the negative and positive of an individual, we should also have this mindset in understanding other religions.

      With all due respect to the one above all of us - Vasudeva

  • Volunteer

    Lord Krishna is the original Supreme Personality but Lord Vishnu is non-different from Krishna. The only difference is Krishna is God at home and Vishnu is God at work. 

    The Brahma Samhita (Brahma's realization after he is created in this material universe glories Krishna as the primeval Lord):

    ishvarah paramah krishnah
    anadir adir govindaha

    Krishna, Who is known as Govinda, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the Origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the Prime Cause of all causes.

    • So which is Lord Krishna's spiritual home ?

      Is it Goloka or Vaikuntha or Hari Dhama ?

      I have also heard that the Earthly cities known as Mathura , Dwarka , Vrindavan etc. where he lived in his human form , these cities also exists in his spiritual realm . Is it true ?

      Thank You and i apologise for my incorrect answer above . I still have a lot to know about Krishna :)

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna Prabhu,

        your answer was excellent because you described why Lord Vishnu was greater than Lord Brahma, which is also important to know and understand. 

        Mathura-puri in the spiritual world is probably where Krishna is served by the residents of Mathura. For example, Kubja (the hunchback woman who massaged sandalwood paste on Krishna, and by Krishna's grace was turned into a beautiful straight backed female) probably serves Krishna in Mathura.  

        • Hello again , would you please be kind enough to explain a little bit about Vaikuntha or Hari-Dhama ?

          and about the Oceans of Milk and Ghee that i have heard of , which exists in Lord's Spiritual realms.

          Thank You :)

          • Ocean of Milk is within the material universe in which Kshirodakshayi Vishnu resides.

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