Lord Krishna is Incarnation of Lord Vishnu????

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As said by Lord Himself in Bhagavad_Gita that He is Supreme Personality of God Head and other Gods or Demigods are his incarnation or his servants....

How to convinced those who said  Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu...

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        • Thank you for the Wonderful Knowledge Miss Radhe.

          Hare Krishna and Very Happy 2014 to you :)

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      Thanx for your reply

      It will help me

  • Krishna is the Human form of Vishnu , who incarnated on Earth.

    Maha-Vishnu (the higher/top most version of vishnu) is the one responsible for the creation of numerous universes . When he lies in the causal ocean (Karana-Jala) , numerous universes are generated along with his breathing . These universes are floating, and they are scattered all over the Causal Ocean (Karana-Jala) . They stay only during the breathing period of Maha-Vishnu.

    In each and every universal globe, the same Maha-Vishnu enters again as Garbhodakasayi Vishnu and lies there on the serpentlike Sesa incarnation. From His navel sprouts a lotus stem, and on the lotus, Brahma, the lord of the universe, is born. Brahma creates all forms of living beings of different shapes in terms of different desires within the universe. He also creates the sun, moon and other demigods.

    So its Vishnu or Maha-Vishnu that is supreme , not Brahma.

    • my humble obeisances Prabhu

      Thanks for this beautiful explanation

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