Lord Krishna and Lord Balaji

Pardon my ignorance. As Lord Balaji is referred to as God of Kalyug, what is the link between him and Lord Krishna. If Lord Baalaji is the Lord of Kalyug, then why worship Lord Krishna.If Lord Balaji and Lord Krishna are one and the same, then why have a separate temple for Lord Krishna in Tirumala. If Lord Balaji is only an expansion of lord Krishna then is it right to refer him as Lord of Kalyug. 

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    • Aravind sir to understand all these things perfectly  you should read Srila Prabhupad books.. The science is that we have four yugas like satya yuga , dwapara yuga, treta yuga and kali yuga.. and after kali yuga again we will have satya yuga.. it will continue like that . For the benefit of mankind , even mankind for got krsna , he did not so he comes himself or in an incarnation  or send his beloved devotees like Ramanujacharya, Madva acharya , Srila Prabhupad and so on to help us to get back to Vaikunta . We call Lord Balaji as a kaliyuga Avatrar because he is residing in Tirumala from last kali yuga  and last kali yuga avatar of Krsna ... and this kali yuga avatar of  Krsna would be Kalki Bagavan ( not the present self proclaimed one ). if you want more details you can refer to Srimad Bhagavatam. Thank You 

      Hare Krsna 


    • hare krishna prabhuji!

      when it comes to the matter of form there is where everybody gets confused.the form of the lord cannot be understood with our limited intelligence because the lord is unlimited hence we take the help of shastras .the shastras give the description of the form of the lord of vaikuntha the supreme abode ,as holding a club,mace .lotus flower and a conchshell. this is the same form as we see in tirumala .whats the difference.now the shastras mention vaikunta as the supreme abode of lord hari..but gives information of the cause of that supreme abode,the purna purushottam lord krishna.again quoting brahma samhita here....isvara paramah krsna sac-cid-änanda-vigrahah anädir ädir govindah sarva-kärana-käranam

      goloka-nämni nija-dhämni tale ca tasya devi mahesa-hari-dhämasu tesu tesu te te prabhäva-nicayä vihitäs ca yenam govindam ädi-purusam tam aham bhajämi...

      which means..Lowest of all is located Devi-dhäma [mundane world], next above it is Mahesa-dhäma [abode of Mahesa]; above Mahesa-dhäma is placed Hari-dhäma [abode of Hari/vaikunta] and above them all is located Krsna's own realm named Goloka. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda, who has allotted their respective authorities to the rulers of those graded realms.{BS}

      so either you can contemplate on the supreme realm and the supreme form of the lord or the lord of vaikunta as seen in tirupati. now like a child who after watching a movie contemplates the hero of the movie to be his saviour but while he grows up he comes to know the truth that the actual saviour ,the actual hero who actually used to save me from every danger is my own father who lives in my home.the same father could take different positions like a office bearer or the driver of your car but he actually is your father.similarly the supreme lord krsna takes various forms to please his devotees but the devotee who contemplates on his original form of a cowherd boy with a flute reaches his supreme abode.and hence krsna on the battlefield of kurukshetra asks arjuna to meditate on this form of his, rather than all other forms which he displayed in his universal form(viraat swaroop)..if you meditate on the vaikunta form it wiil take you to the vaikunta which is good enough,similarly  if you meditate on the rama form of the lord it will lead you to ayodhya dham which is above vaikunta lok.so you decide where you have to go. as an intelligent man who visits his native place to see his near relatives like brothers and sisters, might as well meet his  father who is more eager to see him because that father is the actual cause of even the brothers and sisters whom he  went to meet.  

      hare krsna .

  • hare krishna! plz accept my humble obeisances.all glories to srila prabhupada.on this matter i would like to quote a verse from the brhma samhita which might allow us to understand this topic more clearly..

    "rämädi-mürtisu kalä-niyamena tisthan nänävatäram akarod bhuvaneñu kintu krsnah svayam samabhavat paramah

    pumän yo govindam ädi-purusam tam aham bhajämi.."{BS}

    .which means "I worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Govinda [Krsna], who is always situated in various incarnations such as Räma, Nrsimh and many subincarnations as well, but who is the original Personality of Godhead known as Krsna, and who incarnates personally also."In the Vedas also it is said that the Lord, although one without a second, manifests Himself in innumerable forms. He is like the vaidürya stone, which changes color yet still remains one. All those multiforms are understood by the pure, unalloyed devotees, but not by a simple study of the Vedas.for example the government is one but why do we  have  various offices of the govt  at various places , but an intelligent man can understand that its for the comfort of the public that the govt expands itself into various regions in various capacities like the police,army,chief ministers ,mp's ,mla's etc.but the result is same .for example the police could give protection to you the way the govt promised .and hence even the police could be referred to as the govt.similarly lord balaji is also krishna .its simply out of his own mercy that the lord takes various forms to please the devotees  according to the devotees desire.

    haribol.. i hope it helped .


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