Lord Krishna and Lord Balaji

Pardon my ignorance. As Lord Balaji is referred to as God of Kalyug, what is the link between him and Lord Krishna. If Lord Baalaji is the Lord of Kalyug, then why worship Lord Krishna.If Lord Balaji and Lord Krishna are one and the same, then why have a separate temple for Lord Krishna in Tirumala. If Lord Balaji is only an expansion of lord Krishna then is it right to refer him as Lord of Kalyug. 

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  • Thr which balaji mantra we should chant
  • Hare krishna!

     Please accept my humble obeisances,Supream lord Shri Krishna take many avataras for his pure devotees & those all are the leelavigrahas of krishna in this bhooloka the place thare leelavigrahas of krishna are situated called "BHOO-Vaikuntha".this way shri Bankeybihari ji Apeared in Vrindavan for swami haridasji,Shri Shri Radharaman ji for Sri Gopal BHattaji ,sri Govinddev ji For hrila RoopGoshwami,Shri Madanmohan Ji for Sanatan Goshwami,shri vitthal for pundalik in PAndharpur,Shri Ranganathji in ShriRAngan, Shri Dwarkadhishji in Dwarka,Sri Jagannath ji in puri,Shrinathji apeared in govardhan for Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, these all are the deity form krishna apeared for Bhakta-anugraha.same way shri Tirupati balaji is also a deityform or leelavigrah of supreem lord shri krishna apeared in kaliyauga for Bhakta-anugrah.Balaji is called Govinda ,Govind means who bathed by the milk of cow ,this name is given to lord Krishna by Indra so we should not create any doubt bitween krishna or Balalji becouse balalji is krishna in actual.

    All the deity form of krishna are equal,they are devine & we should not calebrate theme.they indicated us many leela performed by krishna in differant yugas.

    • hare krishna prabhu

      plz accept my humble obeisances . thanks for all that information. first of all, sorry for the confusion i created in your mind about calibration of the deity forms of krishna. krsna is absolute and hence, he is one without a second ,which means none of his forms are different from the other.the reply i gave earlier was to clear the confusion in the mind of a devotee who had questions about the shyamsunder form (the one with the flute) of the lord . as you rightly quoted krsna is the one who takes various avatar's like lila avatar(narada,hamsa,varaha,budha,kalki and mary more which are uncountable and as you have mentioned above),guna avatars(bramha ,vishnu,mahesh),purusa avatar(karanodakshayi visnu,garbodakshayi visnu,kshirodakshayi visnu),manavantara avatars(like rishabdev,vaman,svadhama,yogesvara,brhadbhanu etc),yuga avatars(nar- narayan,chaitanya mahaprabhu,krsna himself in dvapar yuga etc),satyavesha avatars(sesa,the kumaras,brahma,parashuram etc..) and many many more as described in the SB .to identify the number of forms krsna takes is as good as counting the number of atoms in the universe .but the subject to be noted here is that all the incarnations are either plenary portions or expansions of the plenary portions ;but the supreme lord krsna is the original supreme lord and the source of all others.(Srimad bhagvatam{1.3.28}: ete camsa kalah pumsah krsnas tu bhagavan svayam

      hence arjuna on the battlefield of kurukshetra had the same doubt  and hence krsna adviced him to meditate on this ie: the two handed shyamsuder form of his. we must follow in the footsteps of arjuna and try to follow bhagvad gita as arjuna understood it. this is one part of the topic which i was trying to make understand under the blessings of srila prabhupada. i have no rivalry against any of the various forms of krsna or did i want to calibrate them because they are all transcendental . i was trying to make the other prabhu  understand (under the guidance of srila prabhupada ) that don't get confused between forms.sorry if you felt offended about that.

      secondly krsna appears in a form according to the devotees desire ,like as you mentioned earlier(like shri vitthal for pundalik in pandharpur).but we must understand that we are not pundalik or even anywhere close to him .we are ordinary fallen  human beings. hence we take bhagvad gita as it is, as instructed to arjuna without any addition or subtraction or without any confusion of multifarious forms of krsna to meditate upon.you could meditate on any of his forms.but to follow arjuna would be wise. for example my father goes to the office in a well dressed safari suite in the morning, but while he is at home he is in his dhoti which he feels is the most comfortable and that is when i find him most approachable and not in his office. but this does not mean that while he is in the office he is not my father  and some sales manager.he is still the same father but he arrives there for some other purpose. but am more comfortable with my father at my home .

      hence its the same govinda who appears again and again to please his devotees.but once if you fix your mind on the supreme form of goloka which is the ordinary cowherd boy shyamsunder form then for some reason  there is no looking back .because thats the form which contains all other forms manifested and unmanifested.

      finally i appreciate your effort to find out  who named krsna as govinda like you said indra had to take the pain to name him but i would say that you dont have to gift a name to the supreme cause who himself is the cause of indra or for that matter anybody. govindam adi purusam tam aham bhajami was recited by brahma himself even before creating indra then how come brahma knew about the name govinda.may be he read it wrong.

      i would like to add up to the suggestion that govinda also means the one gives pleasure to the cows and the senses.."go" means senses.the one who gives pleasure the senses is govinda. believe me you dont have to name him.

      my advice to you as a friend is to read from the right source and not to read any books and come to conclusions and live with it forever. you must keep reading prabhupads books and chanting the maha mantra is the only way in kaliyuga  to understand the glories of the supreme lord. he incarnates in the form of his  name( krsna and rama) in this yuga.his names, his forms ,his qualities,his pastimes all are transcendental.

      sorry for all that confusion that i created in your mind about balaji as everybody knows that he is none other than krsna himself.my apologies,but my point was to clear the confusion of the shyamsunder form on the basis of shastras which that prabhu had.

      thank you.




  • Thank You so much Dineshji! I was out of station and came back yesterday. I saw your reply and it is very satisfying. My thanks to Jagannath Dasji also.
  • So, Lord Krishna is the Supreme One. Now, let me share a personal experience. I went to Tirumala a few days back. As the que was long I was chanting HareRama Hare Krishna maha mantra mentally. I was getting tired and impatient and some people were also overtaking me. I changed my mental chanting to GOVINDA and VEKATESA and I found that I was surging ahead in the que and even overtaking those who had overtaken me before. This happened not once but twice.Why did this happen? If Lord Krishna is Supreme then should'nt the chanting of the Mahamantra alone suffice. I am confused by this. I am being simply too superstitious. Please guide.
    • haribol!

      you yourself realized that you are being superstitious .superstition has no place in the path of bhakti . realizing god is not merely  overtaking someone in the Q.its much more than that .if overtaking the Q was your intention to c the lord at tirumala then maha mantra is definetly not for that purpose. lot of people chant the maha mantra without knowing the importance, committing various aparadhas  like nama aparadha , hence it doesn't work. before chanting the maha mantra you must understand the purpose behind it  . lord chaitanya(who was krsna himself) who initiated this process of chanting the maha mantra  didn't do it to achieve some material gains or progress in spiritual life rapidly and get back to vaikunta. the purpose is to achieve  pure love of god no matter which part of the Q he keeps you in. he says in the sikshastakam ....

      na dhanam na janam na sundarim kavitäm vä jagadisa kämaye mama janmani janmanésvare bhavatäd bhaktir ahaituké tvayi...

      which means.."O Almighty Lord, I have no desire to accumulate wealth, nor to enjoy beautiful women. Nor do I want any number of followers. What I want only is the causeless mercy of Your devotional service in my life, birth after birth."  

      so you will see that the idea of maha mantra is not for any progress materially . god doesn't see who reaches me first, he is interested in who loves me the most. its pure love that captivates him ,nothing else . you could stand outside tirumala and achieve the same result as you go in if you have pure love for him. tirumala is literally the office of the god. people go there to place their business orders so that the almighty lord sanctions it and he does it out of his own mercy.hence if you have been there for material gain its the place you have to go, but if you want to meet him at his home you must visit vrindavan. and that is where he is most relaxed like any of us , we are most comfortable at our homes than any place in the universe.so vrindavan happens to be krsna's home and pure devotees who have no desire except to serve the lord go to vrindavan.the maha mantra is..

      hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare

      hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare 

      these 16 words as mentioned in the kali sanatarna upanisad of yajur veda are the only means in the age of kaliyuga to deliver yourself from the pangs of material nature and put you in the service of god. you cannot even change the order of the mantra or chant as you wish like most people think it to be hare rama hare krishna which will put you into greater difficulties. so please understand the purpose of the mantra. the word hara means o energy of the lord , krsna means the all attractive lord, rama means the reservoir of pleasure. hence you are asking the lord and his energies to put you in their service . its not asking them to give you their service.

      KRSNA ,simply needs your love nothing else ..he is bhavagraha janardana ...he is hungry for love nothing else.he is the supreme controller but could be easily controlled by your pure love and devotion for him.

      so you really don't have to bother where you stand in this material world but do you have the courage to completely surrender to him as arjuna did in the battlefield of kurukshetra or the gopas of vrindavan did while they were in danger or like draupadi who would call up for krsna in the midst of kuru sabha while she was being stripped.for the pure devotees he comes to the place where they call him no matter what part of the Q they are in. Q is for order placers who visit god for material benefits and he out of his mercy grants them.next time you go to tirumala don't bother about the Q and chant his holy names with great love and devotion may it be govinda or venkatesa  but what matters is pure bhakti.

      all his names are equally powerful but to put yourself in the service of the lord and his devotees, in this age of kalyuga you must chant the maha mantra as nothing else works.thats the purpose of the maha mantra.

      to explain it with a small example, am staying at my home since my childhood say about 20 yrs, i had a telephone line with a number 2223 ,15 yrs ago. 5 yrs later that is 10 yrs ago the number changed to 52223,and 5 yrs ago the same number changed to 552223 and today the number is 2552223. the line remains the same but the numbers change. so if today somebody wants to make a call to me he cannot dial 2223 to reach me because that number doesn't work anymore. similarly the maha mantra is for this yuga. if you wish to contact god and put yourself in his service this is the line you have to dial and its never busy.though you can take his other names by all means for other material purposes . but according to me he is paramatma he

      exactly knows what you want and what is bothering you, if you approach him with an attitude of love he will definetly reciprocate and in this matter the maha mantra helps. try it..

      hare krsna..


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  • Thanks for the same. If Lord Balaji is just an expansion of Lord Krishna then is it right to refer Lord Balaji as God of Kalyug? Because, then it means that only the physical form of Lord Balaji should be mentally contemplated by the devotee istead of the physical form of Lord Krishna. Please pardon my confusion and ignorance in this matter.
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