lord budha devotees

--lord budha preached mayavady philosophy and has followers

all over the earth. his devotees adore him as ultimate guru.

is it possible that this really followers develop bhakty for lord budha ?

is it possible to reach budha eternal spiritual abode after this  body ?

is it possible for followers of mayavadi philosophy to reach bhakty and prema for lord budha ?

sravanam kirtanam smaranam is process of bhakty yoga, so if mayavadi makes sravanam kirtanam smaranam of budha katha, arent they  bhakty yogis of god ??


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  • It's spiritual maturity, Prabhu. We do evolve over time. 

    Just see how this Christian girl has become spiritually mature and giving message of love to everyone :


  • Dean Prabhu, what you are saying is true. I completely agree with you. In every religion there are liberals and fanatics. So, it's natural to find someone from ISKCON who speaks ill of every philosophy which is not compatible with ISKCON's philosophy. But still, there are liberals in ISKCON who just focus on their Krishna Bhakti and don't talk ill about anyone. See HDH Radhanath Swami Maharaj below happily interacting with the famous Buddhist monk - Dalai Lama. Do you see any sort of hatred on his face ? 


    Although, Maharaj respects every religion of the world, he stays loyal to his religion. Similarly, we should stay loyal to our chosen path and yet not speak ill of any religion. 

  • In the Buddhist cosmology there is no eternal heaven or hell. Beings are born into a particular realm according to their past karma When their karmas extinguish, they take rebirth once again elsewhere according to the quality of their karma wholesome actions bring about a favourable rebirth, while unwholesome actions lead to an unfavourable one. And so the wearisome birth and death cycle continues.

    1. Yes, Buddhists do have Bhakti towards Lord Buddha, an incarnation of Lord Krishna.

    2. Yes, Buddhists reach abode of Lord Buddha as per their eligibility. Three kinds of abodes have been talked about in Buddhism (a.) formless abodes (b.) abodes with form and (c.) Sensuous abodes. In the first abode, they say that only mind exists. In the second, a mindless body and in the third, a body with mind. The third abode also includes this Mrityu lok. The inhabitants in the first abode are not able to hear the dhamma (dharma) teachings. Whereas, in the rest, they are able to do so.

    3. Buddhists are not Mayavadis but 'Shunya vadis' or voidists. The answer for third question includes in the first answer. 


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