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Hare Krishna! All glories to  Srila Prabhupada!

According to sastra, it is said that the Lord is unborn and never destroyed and jivas are too. It is also stated in sastras that Krishna and his incarnations' bodies and soul are the same. And Lord Buddha is an incarnation of Sri Krishna. And recently I have found out in some articles that Lord Buddha had been food poisoned and that how he disappeared. But how is that possible? 

Forgive me dear devotees if I said anything wrong.

Hari Bol. 


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    Lord Buddha rejected the authority of the Vedas because as Ashwani Kumar Prabhu told people were misusing the Vedic knowledge improperly. they started to slaughter animals too much in the name of religion and Vedas. Because for the sake of animals Lord Buddha rejected Vedas. Then send Sankaraaharaya. Shankara acharya reestablished the authority of the Vedas.
    Then Lord Ananta came as Ramanuja acharya and also came Madhvaacharya in order to reestablish the personalism and devotional service to Krishna.
    In this way Lord Buddha acted according to time place and circumstances and all others also act in that way.
    Intelligent people will understand the whole meaning and get the true bhakti from it as like swan chooses milk even if it is mixed with water.
    Your servant,
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    Thank you Prabhu Ji, 

    You have bestowed some light upon me. I will keep strengthening my faith for Krishna.

    Hari Bol! 

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    Hare Krishna.

    Did Lord Buddha really preach mayavadi and reject vedas while the other incarnations havnet? Can you plz explain why?

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    i do not know how Lord Buddha left this world.

    but here it would be nice to remember the story of Lord Brahma's benediction to Hiranykashipu. Lord Narasimha Dev came in such a Form which Lord Brahma did not mentioned while giving benediction. He also promised that Hiranykashipu won't be killed in the day time or at night, inside or outside, from animal or a human...and Lord in order to honor His Devotee's - Lord Brahma's words and to protect His another Devotee Prahlad He had to think of something extraordinary.

    In this way accepted Narasimha Form. And later told Lord Brahma not to give such like benedictions.

    in this way this world is situated in the Causal Ocean and for everything we need reason. why ? why? and why?

    and  sometimes in order to keep Lord Brahma's words truthful even Lord makes show that He obeys to the rules of this world. 

     Your servant,

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    The disappearance of the Lord is also a pastime. It is said that K also disappeared when a hunter shot an arrow to his toe thinking that it is a bird. Krishna says in bhagavad gita "avajananti mam mudha...". those who consider Krishna and his incarnations as ordinary living beings are derided as fools.

    For example : In a drama, there can be a scene which shows the death of a hero but the real person does not die, death scene is just to show the audience that the story of that person has completed, but that person continues to live behind the curtains. If that death scene or climax is not shown, then the audience will remain in total confusion.

    Similarly, Krishna also shows pastimes of disappearance, but that does not mean he dies, that simply means His pastimes in this world comes to an end.


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