Lord Bramha = Lord Vishnu = Lord Shiva

Harihar bol..
I Have Heard a Very Nice Story....

Plz do not ask where it is written.... or dn't ask for any references

At Lord Shiva's Marriage's Mandap Pandit ji Asks mahadev...About his father's name... mahadev's Confused...n Says His name is Lord Bramha...

den pandit Ji Again asks what's your grand father's name...Mahadev again Confused...n Says Lord Vishnu...

Pandit Then asks who is The Father of Lord Vishnu... mahadev says "Vishnu Bhagwan k Pita Hum hai..."

then Mahadev explains by Saying that we Tridev's are Equal... If anyone try to find difference among us. He cannot ever get our devotion.

Lord Bramha = Lord Vishnu = Lord Shiva

Mahadev Said "Ram bhajat jo Kare vilambh taahi na milahi shambhu avlamb"

Shri Ram Said "Shiv Drohi mam Das Kahava So na Sapnehu Mohi na bhava..."

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  • krishna says become rudras i am shiva....

    and in leela purshotam bhagwaan shree krishna  i read that visnu ji and shiva ji are poorna ansh of krishna... 

    like founder of company is krishna and trinity is his employees....

    and to keep the company running in right way trinity remember each other ..because they know that krishna give vishnu ji a duty of PAALANHAAR, and brahma ji SHRISTI KARTA.... like that.... so they saw each other as krishna forms and say i am your servant....


  • Volunteer

    my humble obeisances dear Devotees,

    Hari Hara story is very authorized story. And in our Mayapur parikramas Devotees every year go and take darshan of Hari Hara Deities. It is true. And in the lecture of His Holiness Radhanath Swami he says that Lord Chaitanya went to that place also and He  started to shout and crying, saying "I am He. I am He!" So Lord told that He is Lord Shiva. In this way in our sampradaya we know Lord Shiva as an Expansion of Lord Vishnu as like milk and curd. Lord Shiva is not an ordinary living being like we are.

    Because of that in that point of view Kunal Prabhu is correct, isn't he?!

    But we should not consider Brahma and Shiva equal to Lord Vishnu. Because it is not correct. Lord Vishnu has 60 qualities in full. Lord Shiva little less, Lord Brahma 57 and we are having  those qualities in a minute quantity. 

    But only Lord Krishna has all 64 qualities in full. 

    Because of that Lord Krishna is the source of all expansions then follow others. 

    Please Kunal Prabhu, do not be offended if someone here told You something strict they only tried to make sure that reading Your post and answers to them new comers will know who is the source and who is not.

    Your servant, 

    • Ok Sir I Got it what you said.... but whatever anyone say for me Tridev's are the same.... and there is no offence for me to treat HariHara Equally..... I was Just Giving my Views because I saw Many Topics here that are Against Shiv.... For me If i say anything Against Shiv i'm Saying that against Shri Vishnu..... and That will be the Greatest Sin....

      I don't care who has more qualities and who has less qualities..... I Just know one thing i Have No right to be called Krishna's Devotee if I Ignore Shiva or Treat Shiva not equal to Him.... only Shri Krishna Said that He and Shiva are one.... when he Defeated Shivputra banasura....

      Krishna Said He is Servant of Shiva and in Reply Shiva Said No My lord i am Your Servant.... That's Because of  their love and Respect. This Shows Neither Shiva is master Nor Krishna is Servant and Vice versa.... both are Equal....

      That's My Beleif ... and I can't Force others to Believe the same.... Few days ago a guy was Saying Shiva is Supreme and Shri Hari is not..... i Gave the same reply to him....

      I'm sorry if i am wrong.... for me this if the Truth...

      Harihar bol

      • Volunteer

        My dear kunal, 

                               krishna always said that he is servant of his devotees....in that sense you are correct...but he didnot say in particular that he is a dasa of shiva....some words in literature may confuse us bcoz we lack true guidance. In the creation process, there are 3 vishnus....Karanodakasayi vishnu...Garbhodakasayi vishnu....ksirodakasayi vishnu....from garbhodakasayi vishnu's navel comes lord brahma....let me tell u kunal ji....iam a scientist in astrophysics...and i studied vedic and bhagavatam cosmology thoroughly....so nothing to worry....my dear friend...if we want to rewrite the shastras and do some interpretations, we can do that...but i hope that doesnt help us......if u have further doubts...kindly email me to electromagfield27@gmail.com....i request you once again not to challenge the authority of shastras, but to study the shastras in a very peaceful and knowledge orientation process..

        • Volunteer

          thank You Sashikanth and all other Devotees for the wonderful answers! 

          Especially i liked the place where Prabhuji told that Lord washed the feet of Sudama and that doeas not mean that Lord is not God not Supreme, He became a doorkeeper of Bali Maharaja and that does not mean that He lost His position as a Supreme God. NO!

          He washed the feet of all the guests of Maharaja Yudhishthira and that does not mean that He lost His position as a God...

          We can understand it very easily if we are little bit humble.

          Lord Shiva might be very angry when we say that he is the Master of Lord Rama or Hari. We have to be careful Kunalji Prabhuji. 

          Your servant in serving to Srila Prabhupada,

      • Volunteer

        My dearest kunal,

                                      krishna washed sudama's feet and that doesnt mean that krishna has become lower than sudama. If you worship shiva in bhakti modd, later on he will bestow rama bhakti upon you for sure...as shiva after giving boons to ravana, himself comes as hanuman ji to serve lord rama in his pastimes. Lord rama always feels intense love for hanuman and always glorifies him and that doesnt mean that hanuman's power crossed rama's power. Its all a loving reciprocation between the lord and his devotees. The lord always glorifies his devotee higher than himself. In bhagavat gita krishna says ( in 10 th chapter)...Rudranaam shankarscha asmi....means that among rudras he is lord shankara...Never give a chance to ur beliefs, but i beg u to kindly read the bhagavatam, bhagavat gita etc...thoroughly....and shiva is also given great importance in vaishnava literature....you might have heard that lord vishnu in his vamana dev form took everything from bali maharaj and sent him to sutala loka. But Vamana dev himself became a security guard for bali's kingdom. Does it mean that bali is powerful than vamandev..?

        shiva is given lots of respect and adoration among vaishnavas.

      • Volunteer

        My dearest kunal,

                                   obviously we cannot find the difference between milk and curd....hence shiva tattva is another category where some qualities of lord vishnu are manifested partially...i will tell u excellent instances where u can really understand the truth and as well as u can improve u r devotion to lord shiva and lord vishnu. Lord shiva , to be frank is the gatekeeper of love....He is called Gopisvara mahesvara...He could participate in krishna's rasa dance and Rupa goswami used to visit Gopisvara mahesvara everyday....actually ( jokingly) you are getting more worried than lord shiva himself who knows his boss more clearly than our mundane logics and confusions. So, I request u and beg u not to be in a challenging attitude, but with a knowing attitude with a little patience please. Wherever Lord vishnu or krishna is present, lord shiva will always come to render service to him.

      • Volunteer

        My dearest kunal,

                                    please accept my warm greetings. I hope you and other devotees had a heated debate about the position of Lord krishna ( vishnu) and Lord shiva. I can tell you a fact that even the jiva is equal to krishna QUALITATIVELY ( just as a spark of fire has the qualities of the original fire and just as an ocean drop is salty in comparison to the entire ocean which is salty) , but we are Anu ( Infinitesimal, very little) and krishna is vibhuti ( infinite in every aspect). Krishna is always transcendental and never materialistic. He descends out of his causeless mercy and his sweet will to this material world to claim back the jivas to the eternal vaikuntha planetary systems. If you kindly come across a poster of Brahmajyoti ( the creation picture) where sadasiva and ramadevi who are nothing but an expansion of lakshmi and narayana reside in one of the vaikuntha planetary systems. Anyway, it seems that you had an excellent love for lord shiva who is the foremost vaishnava.....vaishnavanam yatha sambhuhu....

  • lord krishna is source of all ...

    • I Agree :)

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