Looking for insight on my Krishna Dreams

Hello Friends,

In my life time I have had a few memorable dreams about Krishna. The 1st time I dreamed of him I did not yet know who he was. I was 18 and living here in America in Florida raised Christian. I did not feel any connection to the Christian God though so asked God if he would reveal himself to me in prayer before going to bed. Then I dreamed of being in a strange place. The sky was brown and there was a very large tree with branches that twisted in every direction. I was lying underneath it in the grass and could feel a calming wind, hear birds, and tinkling bells in the distance. I was feeling very peaceful until I suddenly started feeling a crawling sensation all over me. I opened my eyes and I was covered in yellow ants.

I wanted to scream but was afraid to open my mouth and get ants inside my mouth. I was filled with terror when suddenly a man leaned over and touched my forehead and all of the ants dissolved in a flash of light. I noticed he was very strange and beautiful looking. His skin glowed like a cloud does in the sky and his hair was dark as a ravens. In his hair was jewels of different sorts strung together with gold chains. He had a yellow and pink shawl draped over his shoulder.. although I can't remember the details of his pants or jewelery.. I do remember he was wearing both. I was too fixated on his eyes. They were dark as space until the light shined on them and then they were gold. He picked up my hand in his and I felt butterflies all over and my heart fluttering. I was completely in love with this man who saved me.

I asked "Who are you?" and he just smiled playfully and squeezed one of my toes gently. I could hear him speaking back to me even though he never opened his mouth. He was answering me in my mind. "I am who you asked to see" and then I woke up. Months later I realized he was not a dream about a ghost or spirit as I first thought but a Hindu diety when I visited an art museum and saw a painting of him in a Hindu Mythology exhibit.

The second dream I had about him came a few years later. It was very hot out which made me begin to doze off at work one day. Then I saw the same man I had seen before but he was much younger looking this time. He looked like a teenager almost. His hair was very long but this time held up in a top knot and decorated with pearls and a peacock feather instead of jewels. He was in a field with very lush grass and trees. I felt compelled to look down at the grass and then his feet. I looked back up after I heard whistle of a flute. I looked up and saw that he was holding a simple wooden flute that had a tassle hanging off the end. He was smiling at me in that same mischievous way he did the first time I saw him in a dream and asked me if I would like him to play for me? and then I woke up.

After that I went through a period of trying to learn about him and draw sketches of him. I was not happy with the sketches though, they could not match the beauty I saw in my dreams. Then I got frustrated I could not understand many words in the bhagavad gita. Finally I was angry with many trivial things in my life as well. I let them distract me and make me question my spiritual experience even though Krishna had shown me great mercy by coming to me in dreams, to my knowledge, before I had ever seen any pictures or text about him.

The third dream I had about Krishna was recently at my work. I work at a metaphysical shoppe now (since one year ago) and we have several large statues in the hallways. One by the front door is of Ganesh. Well, I dreamed I was at work and looked over at the Ganesh statue and it glowed. Suddenly all of these people came over to it singing and chanting, clapping, and ecstatic. I wonder what they are freaking out about so I walk over to get a better look and see Krishna leaning on the statue and touching the forehead of Ganesh. He looks over at me and winks then puts a finger to his lip mischievously and goes "shh". I feel like he is up to something and I like I have known him forever. Like he has done this sort of thing over and over and I'm used to it by now. I notice he is speaking to me but no words are coming out of his mouth just before I wake up. Then the dream is over.

Lastly, and most recently (about a week ago) I have had a dream where it is Krishna I see at first but then he turns into Vishnu. This might be influenced by the fact I know alot more about him now then when I had the first two dreams and knew next to nothing about him. I studied about him because of the dreams and understand he is the 8th avatar of Vishnu now so that might have influenced this next dream.

The dream is that I am in a jungle and it is night time. I am looking up at the sky and the moon is full and bright. There is a second bright disc, smaller, near it in the sky and yet another further off. It is hard to tell if they are planets or just very bright stars. I look down and realize that I am not a human like in every day life. I am in the form of a wolf. I smell something delightful and decide to follow it. I begin running through the jungle and notice I pass by a snake that is coiling it's way through some vines in the trees. After a little while I run to the center of the forest and there is a lake with crystal clear water that seems very pure. In the center of the lake is Krishna sitting on a very large lotus petal and holding a conch shell to his ear.

I hear the ocean as I jump in the water. He dips one finger in the water and the entire pond ripples. Each of the ripples glows a bright white and suddenly I am turned human again. I swim over to him and he lifts me up onto the lotus petal with him and holds me close to him. My head is rested on his shoulder and he takes my hand once again in his hand. Then I drift off to sleep in his arms and I think that I am dreaming in the dream. The dream that I think that I am having in the dream is of me standing at a giant ornate white door with gold trim.

I open the door and inside is absolute darkness - pitch black - I am wandering inside blindly when I feel something.. it feels like bubbles in a bubble bath. But I am not in water. I am in space. Suddenly the darkness is permeated by a whiteish blue light in the distance. I feel something moving past me and realize the darkness is actually the body of a giant serpent. When it uncoils itself I can see where the light is coming from. Lying in the middle of the bubbles is Vishnu holding a galaxy in his hand. He blows on it and it turns into one of the bubbles and drifts away. He is also listening to a conch shell and I can hear what he hears in my head. The sound of wind and the ocean. I realize he is doing many things at once while appearing to be asleep. His presence is extremely overwhelming and I can't process it all. Then I wake up. If you can tell me what you think of these 4 dreams mean I would really appreciate it.

Thank you. - Stephanie Celeste------------

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  • Dear Stephanie Matajee:

    Hare Krishna!

    I am amazed after reading your post. Your dreams are very encouraging, inspiring and have great spiritual meaning. I am not a knowledgeable person to explain your dreams, but I feel very encouraged and the base of my belief becomes stronger. I strongly believe that you have a great special blessed soul. Krishna is guiding your towards the right path. You will certainly break the vicious cycle of life and death.

    Your dreams, as I believe, are the reflection of your thinking towards Krishna consciousness. Matajee, you can help more people to follow the righteous path and help them break the cycle of life and birth and get place near Krishna in the Vishnu Loka.

    Please keep posted more about your thinking. We need your guidance and advice.

    Hare Krishna!


    • Thank you Amal,


      Your words are so kind. I want to stay very humble though and say I'm looking for guidance and understanding as well. I have Krishna helping me part of the way but something just told me inside to sign up here a few days ago because there are things I feel Krishna is trying to tell me but I don't quite understand. Maybe we can (are supposed to?) all help each other. <3


      Anand Patel,


      Thank for all the links. I will check them out now.

    • Do you know anything more about this part of your 2nd link?

      It sounds alot like what Vishnu was doing in my 4th dream.


      This material world is a product of the mahat-tattva, which is a state of the Lord's dreaming condition in His yoga-nidrā mystic slumber in the Causal Ocean, and yet the whole creation appears to be a factual presentation of His creation. This means that the Lord's dreaming conditions are also factual manifestations.

  • Volunteer

    amazing dreams You had dear Steohanie Mataji!


    It is true many Devotees come to Krishna Consciousness through the messages which they get in their dreams.

    I know one sannyasi Guru from Russia who in his dream saw Srila Prabhupada and he requested him to find Bhagavad Gita As It Is and read that. So after when he woke up he started to look for Bhagavad Gita As It Is not knowing anything about Krishna...


    from my personal experience i can tell that before coming to Krishna Consciousness i started to see dreams which became true in life and those days i understood that there is someone who is controlling me, who is always with me. So i could feel that that Someone was hearing me and He was in my heart so i started to pray...then i got Bhagavad Gita.

    In this way, Krishna knows how to bring fallen souls back to Him if He desires it.

    One who chants the Holy Names of Krishna in this life it means he did devotional service for many many life times. So the fruits of spiritual activity are not vaned but remains with us life after life.

    And in each life time we continue from that place where we are left off.

    But this does not happen with material gains. For example, in this life time i may get a degree of PhD but when i change my body i mean when i die in the next life i have again go to school, then to college, then to this way again start everything from beginning but it is not like that with spiritual life.

    Only meaning of Your dreams is that Krishna found You and He wants You perfect Your life and in due course of time go back to Him to spiritual world. Krishna is the source of all forms of Vishnu tattva. Krishna is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead. In order to create these material worlds He expands Himself into Vishnu Forms but He Himself in His Krishna Form remains always as a 16 year old boy playing in flute and always full and complete.

    You are fortunate!

    You told that You do paint?! Please share with us also what You have done!

    Thank You so much!
    Your servant,  

    • Thank you for all your input Bhaktin Maral. :)

      I will share my drawings and paintings when I finish them to hopefully help others connect to Krishna as well. It would be my great pleasure to serve him in this way. I think  Krishna is playing little tricks on me though to get me to not just make art because I want some material result I can be falsely proud of and show off. I think he wants it pure because the first few times I have attempted to draw what I saw in my dreams various things happen that reminds me of the Krishna cartoons when he's a young prankster and climbed up a tree and would push the tree branch down with his foot with Rhada so she thought the gods were smiling on her and she was *so close* to victory! in her getting her fruit and then pulls it back up and giggles showing who's really in charge. A friend got butter and chocolate on my first sketch I accidently because I left it on the table, then when I tried to ink the flute the 2nd time it smeared and now the third attempt I cannot even focus to finish the picture. I'm just in a fog thinking about Krishna. I feel like he is saying to me "Don't make these pictures for attention or approval for your ego. Make them to help others connect with me." So, I am going to try again after I have meditated on this lesson.

  • Volunteer

    2539446992?profile=original O dear one!
    What woman within these three worlds
    would not be captivated by the sweet rhythms
    of your wonderful flute-song?
    What woman would not abandon
    her vows of chastity as a result?
    For upon beholding your beauty,
    the most sublime in this universe
    even cows, birds, trees and animals
    horripilate in jubilation.
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