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Hare Krishna,

I have a hobby: games programming in Unity3d game engine (my frineds say I have a talent for programming. And as any talent comes from Krishna, I think I should use it for Krishna also). At moment, I have two few ideas for making games with vaishnava/vedic elements.

The two games which I am making now are:

1) Vaikuntha-paali (stairs to Vaikuntha, eternal world of Krishna and Narayana)

2) Kshatriya game.

Both games are 2d-graphics.

1) First game is also known as Lila game, or Parama Padam (Supreme destination), or even as "Yoga of snakes and ladders". I am changing the descriptions of the levels to which player may get, so they are in accordance with gaudiya-vaishnava philosophy. Game has 72 squares, and level 68 is Vaikuntha (Goloka). Player throws the "karma dice", and thus moves on the levels/squares of the game board. He has to purify his chakras and become sinless, and devotee of Lord Krishna. Each level is described (description can be for one page even, with quotes from Prabhupada's books), and player reads it and tries to learn the lesson of that level. This game is believed to be created by brahmins, to teach morality and dharma. Even children can play it. Game is said to be as old as few milleniums. 

2) Second game is more modern. Kshatriya is a Vaishnava (I called him Arjuna dasa), and his guru is Krishna dasa. Kshatriya will have to fight few kinds of demons (skeletons, zombies, trolls etc), protect the deities (statues) on different planetary levels (he gets siddhi to travel in time and space from guru), perform a few quests (like save the cow etc). I'ld like to add chakras magic (fire balls, ice balls - freezing magic I already made, earth balls etc) and different siddhis. It is there in Shrimad-Bhagavatam 11: 8 siddhis, mystical perfections come from Krishna, and 10 originate from sattva-guna. Aim of this second game is the same: Devotee must go back to Vaikuntha/Goloka after completing all the levels.

At first, I plan to make these games for Android platform.

I'ld be happy if anyone wants to collaborate with me on these games. We can also think of making other vedic/vaishnava games.

My proposal that we can collaborate on the "Revenue Sharing" basis, which means when game(s) will be sold, we share the income according to Profit-sharing document. This means it is not a job which I am offering, but a devotional service opportunity. If You have skills required to make games, it is good if we apply them together to make some devotional game.

Whom I am looking for:

- I may require people who can also do programming (not necessarily just Unity3d C#/JavaScipt, any programmer of any programming languages is welcome to learn and join me. I am also not programming expert, just 3 years in Unity3d, but we will not do too complicated programming, just 2d graphics).

- I may require people who can do arts/graphics. Just 2d is enough. I was looking for such people on some sites of non-devotees, but they seem to be unable to work on devotional art, not interested. I'ld require some pictures of deities to include into the game, deities of demigods on different planets and pictures of Vishnu, His avatars, Krishna, Laxmi etc. And for Lila game, it would be great if someone can also make arts - draw snakes/stairs/arrows etc. I just want that arts would be of one style. If I get arts from internet, it is not ready to be used in the game, as they are from different sources, different artists. Well, ideally, if I can find animators, who can also make 2d graphics (if we can make devotional 3d graphics and devotional 3d animation - that is even better, though it will take much more time).

- I may also require some audio/sound/music for game(s). I want that mantras/chants to be played in the game (chanted by hero, Kshatriya) etc. There also can be kavachas (Narayana-kavacha, Nrisimha-kavacha etc).

- I may also require people who can make story-writing. With story-writers we can make better idea of the game, or make ideaas for new games. So it is long-term projects/collaboration offers. 

I attach game-design-document for Kshatriya game. It is much more detailed than I can describe here.

Anyone who is interested (even those who are not going to colalborate, but are just curioues, and want to talk more about what I am doing, my ideas etc) is welcome to write me an e-mail:

Kshatriya, Vedic Hero - Game Design Document.rtf

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