Looking for devotee association in pune

Hare Krishna Devotees


Please accept my humble obeisance

All glories to srila prabhupad ..

Need help from the pune devotees .. I am  new to pune and looking for devotee association .

Any pointer is iskcon pune  temple at camp is still operational or shifted to nvcc pune ..

Hari bol


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  • Hare Krishna :)
    Please tell me, which ISKCON temple is near to IISER PUNE? IISER college is in Dr.Homi baba road, near Paschan circle
  • Gaurav pr, did you got association of devotees in pune yet? Which area in pune are you staying?
  • Hare krishna,


    Lecture is there every sundday at 11.00 am and feast starts at 1.00 p.m


  • their is one more temple at ravet. akurdi  hare Krishna

  • Hare krishna prabhuji,

    Camp temple is not shfted to NVCC.

    NVCC is new tample at katraj pune. You can visit camp temple. I am associated with camp temple.


    • this is very helpful .. mataji ..please if u can let me know  what is the sunday feast timing of the camp temple .. i would like to visit on sunday

      hare krishna .. many thanks

      hari bol ...

  • Volunteer

    Pune - is the "forest" of Devotee association Prabhu.

    Please visit once NVCC and inquire if there are some Devotees closer to Your place.

    Also You can use http://www.iskconcenters.com 

    Your servant, 

    • Many Thanks Mata ji ..

      hare Krishna

      hari bol

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