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Jai Shri Krishna..


Last night (19/06/2011)  between 6-7pm,  I lit a diya for the Lords and pray.  It's winter here in South Africa and the temp. was around 8 C°(DEGREE CELSIUS)  for some in colder countries, this might be considered nice and warm! Here in South Africa it's chilly.  I have nice little warm blankets which I use to keep the Lords nice and cosy. 


Being always aware of my position in regards to the Lords,  I'm always thinking.. who am I to keep the Lord Himself warm and comfortable?  In this way I think myself to be silly to do all these little "insignificant" things as putting on the blankets for my deities.  Thus at times I forget to put it on.  This was the case after I lit the Diya.  I had the projector on for the children who were watching animated movies.  My brother and wife was also sitting next to the children. 


We all felt chilly and I started to wonder why it had become so chilly so suddenly.  I though that I should go to the alter when seeing the Lords, I remembered that I had forgotten to cover the Lords in blankets.  I did that promptly and went to sit next to the rest of the family.  Suddenly it started to become warm,  every body exclaimed that it's become warm and we do not need the blankets.  They were wondering what had brought about the sudden change in the temperature.  I told them that I had forgotten to cover the Lords with the blankets.  We were all humbled and surprised that the Lords had reminded us of his presence and  our needs towards His service.


So from now on, this inconsiderate devotee will try to become a considerate and a better devotee..

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thnx a lot prabhu g for sharing the incidence

hari bol



Krishna speaks thru His devotees.I almost felt as if my Nitai Gauranga are speaking to me thru u.I will also try to serve Them better henceforth



Jay hoo...

I am in Bangalore, India and now a days here also its getting a bit cold in the morning hours. I have the dieties of Jaganath Baladev and Subdra and also Laddu gopal and Laxmi Narayana. I used to bath the dieties everyday with water soaked with flowers. Usually it used to be cold water which I was using. Last week, I was taking aachaman before starting the worship and I realized how cold the water was. Since then, I have started to heat the water to bath my dieties. My mother was thinking that I have gone crazy by seeing me do this. But I read that we should use hot water when the room temp is very less and water is chilly.

Hare Krishna.

Jai Shri Krishna..


Dear Prabhuji.. some devotees like yourselves have the loving affection and desire to serve the deities nicely and some like me who always think of myself as insignificant tend to disregard the loving service because we think that what a little person like me can do for the magnanimous Lord.  The Lord has taught me through a gentle nudge.. that great or small.. we all need to give loving service to the Lord.


I too have started since yesterday to warm the bathing water of the deities as well.  Thank you for sharing your kind and loving service to the Lord.  If you have the time it will be great joy for me if you describe the way you go about doing you daily duty in the service of the Lord.  Anybody reading this are welcome to do the same.


I also use warm/ hot water depending on the weather, it's certainly not crazy prabhu.


thankyou prabhu ji for sharing i will also try to serve my deities properly.


hare krishna

Hare Krishna, dear Manojkumar Bhika Prabhu. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-Maharaja. You are so kind for sharing your experience with us. Thank you so much. You do not what you have done with me. With your loving and caring attitude you have also awaken how to love and to care attitude in me. only with this attitude we can change the world. To love and to care for each other. Thank also for the fact to take care for the deities so nicely. Radha Radha.

Very nice loving relationship between the Lord and Devotee.

By Krishna's own mercy He made you neglect covering Krishna with the blanket,

just so you will know that He is reciprocating His love for you.

Krishna reciprocates our love for him. It is not one way street.

I have never used a blanket. I should do that from now on.

Hare Krishna Manojkumar prabhuji..

Thanks for sharing...Krishna's mercy endureth forever.

Jai Jaganath!!



Hare Krishna 

Thanks for sharing your wonderful realisation on Deity Worship Prabhuji.

I would also like to share one of my experience with our Laddoo Gopal ji.

Me and my husband are are neophytes in Krishna Consciousness. I believe firmly  in all the principles laid down by our previous Acharyas, but my husband is still skeptical about it and this sometimes results in argument between us. One day my husband had a desire to drink tea. But having read in Bhagvat Geeta that one should offer everything to Lord before eating, he asked me to  make tea and offer it to our Laddo Gopal ji before he can have it.

I said that Laddo Gopal ji doesnt drink tea. He asked me how do i know this. At this moment if i would have bombarded any philosophy on him, he would surely have started arguing with me. Knowing this, I simply said to him that Laddo Gopal ji Himself told me that He doesnt drink tea, if he does not believe me then he can himself ask Laddo Gopal ji. He was a bit perplexed by this answer...

  I asked him to prepare two chits and write YES on one and NO on the other chit. Then he can fold those chits and keep them in front of Lord and ask the question, " Laddo Gopal ji do You drink tea?". Then he should pick up one chit with folded eyes and that will be Lord's answer... Somewhere deep in my heart i was convinced that our Laddo Gopal ji is not just a deity, He is the Supreme Lord himself , and He will surely give NO as the answer.

   And the same thing happened.. My husband asked Laddoo Gopal ji that does He drinks tea, and picked up a chit... And the chit said NO..... 

  Thus our Lord reciprocated with us and my husband got convinced that Lord does not drinks tea....

   This is a very cherished experience for me, as it reminds me that if we serve Lord sincerely, He also reciprocates with us.

Jay hoo Mataji. Thank you very much for shearing this past time.


I just want to clarify one thing about the deity. Deity is non different from Krishna. In Sanskrit Deity is called as Archa Vigraha meaning a worshipable person. That is why we treat the deity as a person by giving him a bath, dressing him with nice cloths and jewellery, offering bhoga, putting him to rest, etc...


Hare Krishna.

Jai Shri Krishna..


Dear Mataji, how nicely you serve the Lord.. and as Sudheendra Prabhuji has stated, Deity is non different to Krishna, we should treat him accordingly.  Your husband likes tea and I might have a solution.  There is a product called RooiBos Tea,  it is offer-able and has no caffeine.   It's very refreshing and vitalizing.  It taste a little different to the standard tea but it has a taste which is also very nice.  Perhaps you should try it and Laddo Gopalji will want it too :-)


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