lonely perhaps but i dont know why

hare krishna i would like to ask and share one thing.I used to have many peoples around me once upon a time, probably few years back. I am always engaged in something unbeneficial.I had many friends and i have never felt lonely. But now after taking up this spiritual path,i feel so much peaceful but lonely at the same time..Why is this so? Why i dont have many peoples around me anymore like how it used to be? Any reason behind this? 

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  • materialistics are blind people, if you follow them ull fall in well with them. They are just animals, cause they challenge the existence of God, and they want to gratify their senses to the limits by using resources which should be utilized in Krsnas service. Some of them may become strong, but they remain animals, some small animals come and glorify the big animal hoping to get something from them.

    If we are not attracted to the opulence and the places which gratify the senses of materialistice people, then its Krsnas mercy. they are just crows searching for garbage. When we speak of transmigration, they laugh, but death in the end will catch hold of them and force them into species of life, and they have to die so many times, where he would be just terrorized without having any scope to free himself from this bondage attained due to his selfish intrest.

    Krsna conciousness is an ever ending process. We have to mature so much. We have to be in the world but off the world. BY mercy of Guru and Krsna, we have to try to be in the mode of goodness, and may be one day we will reach above the mode of goodness by mercy of Guru, Krsna and devotees.


    Just stay in KC, ull be busy your whole life, and in the end your soul will be purified and eligible to go to Krsna.


    Jai Srila Prabupad......


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    Hare Krishna dear Sonali Mataji, please my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    It is true when we change our life style and our goals in life our surroundings also will be changed. As we nicely know material association, friendship means you give to me - i will give to you. And in kali yuga base of friendship is sense gratification. Sense gratification means gossip, not allowed eatables, ....simple works around agitation of senses.

    But when we stop to give those sense gratifications we loose our material friends. 

    But now we should try and pray to Krishna to give to us Devotee friends. Without friends life is really boring. It says that 10 % of association should be with juniors, 10 % with seniors and other 80% with equals-friends. 

    So we need Devotee friends. 

    How to have them? It is a question. 

    To start to serve to Devotees. We should try to attend all Sunday programs, all Vaishnava festivals, and render services according to our capacity. 

    In my case also. When i studied at the University i used to roam lonely. But when i used to come to the Temple i would meet my friends and life was wonderful. We used to serve together, we used to chant together, dance, eat, ...together. 

    Please, Sonali Mataji, try to be in the association of Devotees and try to be helpful to them and soon You will have many friends.

    Your servant, 

    • mata ji,

      today after a long time i am reading few discussions of other devotees and also getting answers.

      I am always thankful to you because i always read your replies and article in the magzine.


      Hare Krishna!! 

  • Hare Krishna and please accept my humble obeisances . 

    all glories to Sri Krishna and Srimati Radharani.

    in the bhagavad gita chapter 8 verse 8 it is said : He who meditates on Me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, his mind constantly engaged in remembering Me, undeviated from the path, he, O Pārtha, is sure to reach Me.

    and in the 9th chapter verse 34 again it is said : Engage your mind always in thinking of Me, become My devotee, offer obeisances to Me and worship Me. Being completely absorbed in Me, surely you will come to Me.

    i do understand your position very well, once you had association and now you do not have much after joining the spiritual path. 

    if you have read these verses above, you should know that once you have entered this path ( i would rather say you regaining your real identity ) there is only transcendental happiness waiting for you. you should know that your previous attachment with your friends could be detrimental if they werent krishna conscious. why? would they help you progress spiritually? no. would they hinder your progress? yes. how? by dragging you deep into unworthy material associations. when you are materially attached, you will tend to have material desires and you will want to fulfill them. then anger, depression, hatred, envy and all other demonic qualities.

    it is not that you have become lonely, but frankly speaking you are still wanting that association though you know it is not good for you. it is great that you feel peaceful now but that loneliness is due to material sickness. it is like little drops of rain after a heavy rain. it is due to Maya only. Maya is trying to pull you back into its clenches by creating that vision of loneliness. counter it by forming NEW and BENEFICIAL ASSOCIATIONS with DEVOTEES. this website is the best. you can always post topics, questions, answer questions, learn and advance. you can get audios, pictures, articles, books on krishna consciousness and best of all CHAT LIVE with learned and compassionate devotees here in this website. you are not lonely, mataji, we are here, listening to you, yearning to share with you and of course, join you back to Krishna. dont worry much of desires for companionship and all. we in this site are very much like those materialist in this world as we too satisfy desires. but while the materialist satisfy desires that bring to depression, sadness, giving up, pain and tension, we satisfy desires leading to transcendental happiness, love, bliss, truth and peace.. we are desire trees. ever ready to raise your spiritually. 

    krishna says : you find yourself alone in this ever changing, painful and joyless world. turn away from it and take delight in me

    chant Hare KRISHNA and be happy.


    Krishna's servant's servant's servant's servant

    • Volunteer

      thank You for Your nice reply Viknesh Prabhu!

      • Hare Krsna mataji. this is just the product of being krsna conscious. all of this iss what you and other senior devotees have been kind enough to teach me... Jai Prabhupada! Jai Nitai-Gauranga

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