lonely perhaps but i dont know why

hare krishna i would like to ask and share one thing.I used to have many peoples around me once upon a time, probably few years back. I am always engaged in something unbeneficial.I had many friends and i have never felt lonely. But now after taking up this spiritual path,i feel so much peaceful but lonely at the same time..Why is this so? Why i dont have many peoples around me anymore like how it used to be? Any reason behind this? 

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  • don't worry chant and be happy,you can have me as a friend,do you like to be my friend?

    • Hare krishna...
      Thank you soo much for being my friend.
  • Hare krishna !!
    Hi sonali and madhura..even I find myself more in ur situation. .I live in london..n just lonely 24 hours at home with my toddler...I talk only to krishna loudly sometimes ...I dnt even knw my neighbour s..even if I make frinds as mentioned above its just fishmarket I wil get into...praying hard for some nice frind....thank you soo much for posting...n answers from prasad ji
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      in the reality everyone in this world feels lonely. 

      So only solution is to take shelter of Krishna's association by attending Kirtans.

      What i do is few evenings in a week i attend Kirtans at the Temple. Even if there are few people i just sit and sing Kirtan praying Krishna to accept me as His servant. 

      There is no one in this world who can understand us as nicely as Krishna. No ONE!

      If we depend on ordinary living beings then we will suffer because they cannot be with with all the time. But Krishna is always with us. And He is that real, original Friend of each of us.

      So please, do not feel lonely but go for Krishna and call His Names as like a crying child who lost his mother!

      Your servant, 

  • Know yourself and you know others. In knowing others you realize that we are one and no one is much different then you at all. Its not about eliminating people or isolating. Its about better integration with all of humanity. On the spiritual path your desires simply change and others who are similar in that respect will come. There are certainly far fewer "spiritual" realized individuals then others, but then again they really are not others. The concept of unity and bestowal, sharing requires that you do not isolate yourself and rather stay strong to your truths and spirituality and know their sufferings as your own, for they are. You can give up all attachments great, and that brings one closer to unity. And for some is their path to huddle only together with like, but for others its to take your experience and help those who feel separated, who are separated gain what you have gained. The act of bestowal can not be gotten isolating in a monastery or a lone place. Find your specific duty and purpose within what you have spiritually and then pass it on! :) In this ones humble opinion, true spirit is at first about saving yourself, but in the end it is about service and caring and this requires not demonizing other people. Instead trying to awaken the knowledge of themselves. Don't follow the blind, help guide them. They are people too.

  • Hare Krishna Sonali, I can identify with your problem because I find myself in a similar situation like you.I think association with other devotees is the best way to get out of this loneliness. I am from Kolkata and if you are also from here we can surely get in touch..it will be wonderful to know you..wish you all the best your devotee friend Madhura
  • Hare Krishna,

    PAMHO All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Material  world is like fish market ......full people looking for cheap dead matter .............. spiritual places are like diamond shop.......... only few who can afford visit............Prabhupada  explains process of devotional serivce as converting coal by putting it under pressure.............


    Associate with like minded devotees and involve in six loving exchanges with devotees you will never feel lonely





    • Wow..that's a superb thought :)

  • Hare Krishna Sonali Mataji,

    You have done the best way by coming to the devotees forums for your concern rather than approaching people engrossed with material ways.  This shows you are one of the best devotees.  At the beginning I also felt somewhat like this.  We all get a bit confused at the beginning and start thinking that something is lacking due to the devotional service.  However, it takes a bit of time to understand the values of the spiritual engagement brings in our life.  To become a better devotee, an association with other devotees is the best way.  

    Since I started attending more house programs and temple service, chanting and  reading more books of Srila Prabhupada, there is practically no room for being bored or lonely.  I have tried to present some solutions below. Hope you will find them helpful. But if still it does not help, please come back to the forum with more specific question like how you feel lonely or what exactly makes you lonely.

    (Please, I humbly request you to honestly let us know how you find all the advice given here by different devotees.  Please let us later know when you started following the advice given here, if this your loneliness gone or not.)

    1. Increase the association with devotees, attending more programs in houses, such as local sangha gatherings of devotees outside the temple, as well as programs in temples, and engaging yourself a few hours a week in temple service for Krishna can be very helpful. Vaishnava association is like a rod putting in fire.  After some times, the rod itself becomes fire-like. Keep on chanting Hare Krishna, pray to Krishna to engage you in His service and for the best guidance and you will enjoy the Krishna Consciousness so much because it is the ocean of pleasure.  There is no room for loneliness. Perhaps you can take the contact details of matajis and increase the association as well.

    2. Try to increase friendships with many devotees, especially matajis, preferably who is more advanced devotionally  and seek their guidance.

    3. Speak to a senior devotees , preferably matajis ,  or devotee couples, in your local ISKCON temple.  Sharing a problem with devotee is always helpful as they do not tell others, show sympathy, pray and bless the person seeking help.

    Hare Krishna!

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