This Nityananda Trayodashi marks the 19th anniversary of ISKCON Desire Tree - Hare Krsna TV. 

Every tree needs nourishment in order to serve others. 


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Taking a visiting devotee (from USA?) to buy from a store that charges more money or sells substandard, acting out of greed, for a kickback later from the store owner.

I had a friend who bought a clay Mridangam for approx $150 US dollars from Mayapur, India

from a store recommended by a devotee friend he made while his visit to Mayapur.

I remember paying 600 rupees or $12 US  dollars each or Grand $48 for 4.

Felt great giving couple of them away. This was 6 years ago, when I visited Mayapur.

Sure prices went up over 5 years, but not 10 times. He got ripped off. 

If you are going to get a kickback, please disclose. Not cool!

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  • please use normal English sentences...

    it is not right to sell things more than MRP or standard price ....

    always be careful even you are in dhaam.... don't commit sins but also don't get fooled

    ultimately business means to fool others specially when it deals with challon\money ...... even big MNCs sell have 300% times margin....this world is cheating place.

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