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Hare krishna prabhujis and mathajis dandavat pranam pamho

  • i have a small doubt currently iam hearing a song bhaja govindam by ms subbalkshmi is it ok to listen song from her

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  • Hare Krsna
    If the word is there, 'Govinda', then what is the problem, if the whole universe can take the shelter of the word, 'Govinda', then why can't you listen to the song, even if it is Nama-bhasa and not pure chanting.
    Hari Bol!
  • I listen them occasionally as they promote remembrance of Krishna but most of the time like listening to Srila Prabhupada chanting Hare Krishna! Pure devotee singing....

  • Prabhupada said we should avoid hearing from non devotrees since milk touched by serpant causes poisnous effect. So we should avoid hearing bhajan or kirtan from non devotees. Also there are so many bhajans and kirtan available from devotees so there is no need. Hare Krishna!
  • Hare Krishna,

    Very nice song by Adi Shankaracharya after his realization and Surrender to Supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna.

    In the early stage of his life Adi Shankaracharya though a monoist and mayavaadi he in later life surrendered to Lord Govinda and composed many verses on Govinda. One of them is Bhaja Govindam and Other is Govindashtakam which I personally know and really admire the lines..

    A self realized person when he beings to know the Supreme personality of Godhead and surrendered to the supreme personality is a beauty in itself.

    Adi Shankaracharya is considered Avatara of Shiva and as Shiva is the first Vaishnava see how he finally ends..look at those beautiful verses please go thru the meaning of every line. Look at the way he ditched all gyana and all grammar everything and became a pure devotee of Lord in the end. 

    Gyana moolam is Sri Krishna.. Any type of philosophy or gyana which doesn't help you in understanding the Supreme personality of Godhead Govinda is all off no use at all.

    So also.. Any verses or songs or bhajans which cannot ignite in you bhakti are of no use at all.

    Some Staunch Vaishnavites and those who are neophytes they advice you to strictly listen to vaishnava acharya bhajans only. Becoz in a neophyte stage your mind is weavring and is not fixed. There is every chance of that the neophyte devotee can deviate from the spiritual path.

    Singers also who sing to you if they are devotees then their voices are pure and they sing it with love for Lord and such songs are beautiful to hear and can ignite the love for Lord in us.

    MS. Subbalaxmi's rendition of this masterpiece is great and she really is a devotee a great singer. That is why when you hear her you find good vibes.

    People who sing for appreciation and money for their own selfish greed .. their voices though good to the ear may not produce to any kind of good vibes or bhakti in you... Though you cannot blame the singer itself.. Even the person who hears them should be hearing in a mode of goodness. If the same song is heard in the mode of passion or ignorance it may sound materialistic.

    So.. it is at your discretion.

    Hare Krishna.

  • Hare krsna prabhuji.
    Pls kindly accept my Humble obesiances.
    No prabhuji, there is no harm in listening to songs, Not at all. But remember not to hear LECTURES which are not authorised, I mean hear those lectures only which are related to our Iskcon.
    Other lectures given by other krsna
    bhaktas may DEVIATE u and take u away from krsna.
    Because some krsna bhaktas have invented their own ways of achieving krsna, by doing mere bhajan, singing, telling kathas, dancing etc. These are not bonafide. So be careful to follow the AUTHORITY. Only chanting the name of Hari can DELIVER one from this nescience of material existence.
    And There is no other way, No other way
    No other way.
    But u can listen songs composed by anyone, it doesn't harm.
    In fact it gives BLISS.
    Pls kindly forgive If I have spoken something wrong.

    Ur demonic servant
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