lighting incense

Hare krishna,

While worshiping how many incense should we light? Some where I heard we should light 3 incense that signifies:

1. dharma

2. karma

3. aatma

but I am not sure about this?

Please clarify.

Hari bol!!

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  • Volunteer

    my humble obeisances Nischalinn Prabhu, 

    i never heard about the significance of the numbers of the incenses. It is interesting. In the Temple daily Mangala Arati we used to offer 3. But on Sunday feast Arati 5 and long lasting incenses. It is according to the crowd.

    But at home i offer only one :)

    Your servant,

    • @Rahul Prabhu, thank you for the reply. Please clarify the reason. We are curious to know the fact.

      Also, thank you Bhaktin mataji for your reply.

      Hari Bol!!!

      • hare krishna,

        dear devotees.

        I've found out that lighting 3 incense signifies our BODY, MIND and SOUL. 

        Please suggest if there are any other reasons too. 

        Hare krishna!!!

  • Volunteer

    my humble obeisances Rahul Prabhu, could You please ask more about this to Your councellor why odd numbers?

    Maybe we will learn more.

    Thank You!

    Your servant, 

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