Life after death

Title itself is so ironic......i know there is no life after death. But i have certain apprehensions about journey after death. Have listed them below:1. Is the journey post death till the judgment date very difficult (as in all depends on karma) but what happens exactly2. Does a person take human birth only once or he takes it multiple times3. Why is Crow's birth considered to be very low as compared to other species4. Can our mind conceive all our past burth and can a mind read itI know i am illetrate and i wanna completely surrender to Lord Krshna but these questions are adding to my doubts. Please clear themRegardsAmritaJai Shree Krishna

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    • Thank you so much...would request you to verify doubts mentioned above and clarify all my doubts

      Hare Krishna
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  • when one,s consciousness is crowded, there is no space.In silence, there is immense space;then only is there a possibility of coming upon that which is eternal.
    • what is the meaning of crowding of consciousness?

      Jnana leads to bhakti and by bhakti one participates in the service of God.

      Hanuman learnt jnana from Sun and identified Rama as God and then latter on participated in His service.

      at lotus feet of swami
  • Entire World on One side and Only One Word "Krishna" on one side. Whom U want ?? Limited world or infinite Happiness hidden in One word
  • Simple chanting does not show our devotion to God. Bhagavad Gita says karmaphala tyaga i.e., sacrifice of money, as highest.

    The scriptures say that your sacrifice of money is highest.

    1) In the very beginning itself (second Adhyaya), Gita says that the fruit of the work must be sacrificed (Karmajam Buddhi Yuktahi Phalam Tyaktva Maneeshinah). This means that realized scholars sacrifice the fruit of the work. Gita keeps sacrifice of the fruit of the work on the top most level. Gita says ‘Jnanat dhyanam visishyate, Dhyanat Karma Phala Tyagah’i.e., Bhakti (devotion) is better than Jnana (knowledge) and sacrificing the fruit of your work (money) is better than Bakthi.

    2) Gita says ‘Sarva karma Phala tyagam prahus tyagam vichakshanah’ i.e., if you can give the fruit of the entire work to the Lord, then that is real sacrifice.

    3) ‘Na karmana, Na prajaya, Dhanena tyagenaike Amritatvamaanasuh’ i.e., you cannot attain God by selfish work or the children. You can attain God only by sacrificing your money for God’s work. – The Veda

    4) The first words of the first Upanishath (Easavaasyam) says, ‘Tena tyaktena Bhunjeedah’ ‘Ma gradha ha kasyasvit Dhanam’ i.e., this entire world is the money of the Lord. Take whatever you require from His wealth; don’t take extra which is not permitted by the God. If you have taken, you are a thief. Return it back to the Lord.

    5) Veda says ‘Samvidha’ ‘Shraddhayaa’ ‘Hriya’ ‘Bhiya dheyam’, i.e., return the extra to the Lord in human form after recognizing Him through His Jnana. Wait patiently till you recognize the Lord in human form. When you are donating your money to Him (actually you are giving Him His own money) you should give it with fear and feel shy.

    at lotus feet of swami
    • Hare Krishna,

      I am a fallen ignorant fool trying to get out of the clutches of maya.According to Srila Prabhupada chanting the mahamantra is the only way out.I do not see the need to see any further.Just chant Hare Krishna sincerely and Krishna-the all merciful Supreme Father will surely reciprocate.If my chanting is sincere hopefully one day i will be able detach myself from all material pleasures including money :)

      Hari Hari
      • If simple chanting is enough, what is the necessity of Gita, which runs in 18 chapters? What is the need of all the scriptures?

        Chanting shows only theoretical love but not practical love. love on God is called devotion.

        When you do prayers, you praise the Lord as a poet praises a king. The foolish king may give some gift to the poet. But the omniscient Lord can never be fooled by such praise. When you sing songs or chant the name of the Lord or express the feelings of devotion by shedding tears or by meditation you are getting the happiness and peace immediately. You have achieved the fruit. The Lord will not give another fruit for these things.

        When you are pained and loose peace by cutting the family bonds and by sacrificing your work and wealth to the Lord, then only the Lord will give the real gift to you.

        at lotus feet of swami
        • or so to say........remember him along with the work we have been allotted by the lord himself.
          Meaning just leaving work and get into his devotion and ignoring our responsibilities is not wht is expected.

          Being in karmas, still remembering GOD is important.

          Jai Shree Ram, Jai Shree Krishna
          • Hare Krishna Amritaji

            I have been a mute spectator to all what has been said in your discussion. But I feel I must say a few things at this point.

            Like yourself, at a young age, I too began to inquire about Life, Death and concurrently, God. And in the course of my inquiry, I discovered that there are many ways to reach God e.g. Jnana yoga, Karma yoga and what this website is all about...Bhakti yoga.
            I also realized that people oriented towards a certain form of yoga would also interpret the scriptures according to that particular viewpoint. And so I sought to find out, which was the best path towards Him.
            Believe me, I tried it all...Jnana yoga, karma yoga etc.

            Jnana Yoga gave me an immense intellectual kick; reading and discussing about the nuances of Karma, the gross and subtle body, the ego etc etc. But it did not give me what I was looking for. And it also superinflated my ego!
            I tried to heed the karma yogis' call: " Only concern yourself with your work and renounce all the fruits!"
            Easier said than done. Is it ever possible to do anything...anything at all without the result as your goal?
            I felt lost.

            One day, I met this wonderful man at the RadhaGopinath Temple, Mumbai, who told me some beautiful things. He told me that God was a Someone; He had a form, a face, a beautiful body, emotions and the best part was that I could relate to Him! I could make Him my Friend!
            And that this Supreme God was known all over the universe by the name of Lord Krishna.

            This wonderful Devotee told me to do only two things: read the Bhagavad Gita As It Is (by Srila Prabhupada) and chant the Mahamantra 108 times a day.

            And from that day onwards, my life changed forever. I gained a new Friend. The most powerful and compassionate Friend in the Universe, my beloved Lord Krishna. In my saddest moments He would be there to comfort me and help me out. In my happy ones, He would rejoice with me. Even now, when I am unable to follow the rules of Bhakti Yoga and I repeatedly forget Him, HE does not forget me!

            Another interesting thing was, I soon realized that all those concepts that I had read about when studying Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga, slowly and automatically became crystal clear! It was like I had been struggling with a mathematical equation and suddenly, a key step was revealed to me and in turn, the answer! Krishna Consciousness as taught by Srila Prabhupada unlocked the door to that treasure house of knowledge.

            And it is no wonder that at the end of all the discussion in the 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna finally says, "Give up all varieties of Religion and surrender unto Me!" Bhakti Yoga is the all-in-all, the sumum bonum!

            In Bhakti Yoga, so beautifully taught by Lord SriKrishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His parampara including Srila Prabhupada (who gifted us the same in the English language), you will get all the answers to all your questions. About Life, Death, God, Karma...everything!

            So please seek the guidance of true and advanced Devotees like Dipti Mataji. You will learn a lot about Lord Krishna through them. Just chant the Mahamantra and read the Bhagavad Gita everyday. Dipti Mataji was right on the button when she said that Chanting the Mahamantra was enough! Chanting will change and purify your heart and mind. It will earn you the pure love of Lord Krishna. Automatically, good thoughts, good deeds and good actions and renunciation of the fruits of those actions will follow. To use Srila Prabhupada's example, if you water the roots of the tree, all the leaves, fruits, branches and the flowers will be benefited.

            Give Krishna Consciousness (as taught by Srila Prabhupada) a try.
            It worked for me. And millions of others.
            You won't regret it.

            Your eternal servant,
            eternal muser
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