letter to Krishna the supreme personality of Godhead

on Krishna's order i am bound to earth for a time period allotted to me. I am born here on this beautiful planet for spreading awareness about your great deeds and leela, in turn I am only asked to do my deeds as per your instruction.. From childhood to boyhood I am raised with the education received from  Bhagwad Geeta and as Guru preached i followed...      Now as i come to youth, i come  across a sense of responsibility towards the family and society..    with your grace my family pot boils, much avoiding the path of maya, i come closer and closer to you my Lord.             upon following your golden Light my mind begins to unleash. i chase all those thoughts you have planted into my consciousness.. In your service and love i am deeply involved and engaged.      But what about the mankind that is suffering with their past karma?  By inspiring people to chant your name and surrender to the personality of Godhead i have played my part but there are just too many of those who are taken by the effects of maya.  your message they don't want to understand..   what am i to do.. should i keep walking my path that leads to your lotus feet or direct those maya-ridden souls to surrender unto you.   kindly advise me how can i put my youth in your service?

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  • Volunteer

    Dancing? Chanting in the association of Devotees.

    Distributing Bhagavad Gita.

  • krishna will make you know everything.............just be honest to him

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