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Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Here in India I see many cows even in big cities like Mumbai. So it shows that even in cities we can take care of cows and as a result have pure cow milk.

Do You think, if few Devotee families come together and take care of 10-20 cows in one area plus have a special cow herd man?! 

Cows eat like children - I mean their food is not so costly - maybe 3000 Rs per month. 

Plus here in India there is no cold climate so cows easily can live in simple goshalas. 

Yesterday His Holiness Bhakti Raghava Maharaja explained very nicely why need cows, how much we depend on cows. Please watch here You won't regret:

Hope this discussion each of You will take seriously and have desire and plans to protect cows!!!

Thank You so much!

Your servant, bhaktin maral

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Its necessary to maintain our culture. We are not protecting rather Go mata protect us from obstacles. I am agree with this idea.

Surely We should start goshalas in  big cities like Mumbai.The main problem is availability of space.We like minded people try for same but got stuck due to unavailability of space in Mumbai.

yes, we are all dependent on two things basically land and cows so, we should all together start goshala in all the cities.


Thank You dear Devotees for Your responses!

Some Devotee told about land. Told that they tried to get some land in Mumbai but were not able to do so.

But i see some parks near by the high buildings for example in Mira Road. So we could talk with society people and organize goshala.

30-40 cows for some small areas.

Your servant,  

Hare ksna your idea quoted in the reply was good. maybe in my view u can ask wid  the nerby devotees around you. who specialy knows about this topic so that in case of managing on lands and money there may be some discount. probably u can also talk to the local people from the nearby village around there who are in favour and are doing the cow protection.MOST OF ALL DEPEND UPON MERCY OF KRSNA

yes, Prabhu, 

best thing i think to go around and find such like milk men around and inquire them of how they maintain cows and where. And yes, along with few Devotees we will do it.

Today i saw many of them. 

Your servant, 

Please accept my humble  obeisances

All Glories To Guru And Gauranga,

All Glories To Srila Prabhupad

 Hare krishna Prabhu , This humble soul has a plan . An apartment should be built with 20 flats , A goshala with 30 cows,with a gobar gas plant which can supply gobar gas to each kitchen and with a ox-power electricity generator which will supply electricity to all the 20 flats . Milk will be supplied to all flats . So the residents get milk ,gas and electricity. Then with the cow urine ,cow dung ,milk,curd, and ghee, adding neem oil and some other herbs and grain powder a very good organic growth stimulant for plants can be made and sold . All these things will bring a reasonable income to the goshala and it will run with out loss so that the people who take of the cows will get a good income .We have to support a farmer with the organic manure and open a market to sell organic agri products .  If the town planners and big builders are tuned up in this way , all people in the city will have pure cow milk , organic agri products etc etc .I have a bankable ,Turn key project  regarding  SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD. Now I am in Vrndhavan for a few days . Any one want to consult please  contact me  . My numbers  09444856720  ,  08903456720.

Thanking you ,

In the service of Lord Krishna And His Cows

An insignificant beggar


My humble obeisances Vibhushan Krishna Prabhu, 

Do You think we can organize some seminars on practically how to start such like plans of Yours in big cities?

What if You organize some seminars on big Temples in the cities? 

Most people work hard and they do not have time to stop for a while and start something other. But if You make some seminars and give us idea then we could start to act in this way, no?!

Then Devotees should come in some groups and really make it in real life. 

Your servant, 

in order to protect cows , we all should use only cow milk .. and cow must be of Indian origin , avoid using buffallo milk,goat milk and other synthetic milk..

true, pure cow milk supplied in for Mumbai is only comes from Rajastan "Pathmeda" but that is very costly.

But still for good thing we should be ready to pay nicely.

Otherwise by drinking less quality "milk" we will ruin our health, earn bad karma and spend that amount of money to the hospitals.

Toned milk means milk powder mixed with water.

Pasteurized milk means heating the milk up to 70 degrees then chilling it.

Homogenized means breaking up the fat particles into small parts. So that fat be equally in each pocket. And they say that milk becomes easy to digest.

But in the reality homogenized milk is almost changed in quality. Very little power.

Same with toned milk.

Same we may say about pasteurization.  

So there is very much need for fresh, pure cow milk.

Your servant, 

Please accept my humble  obeisances

All Glories To Guru And Gauranga,

All Glories To Srila Prabhupad,

                                  Dear mathaji, seminars and meetings are done always ,but no one has come up with finance to implement this . So first thing to do is find out interested people to invest on this . Then discuss with them  or raise a fund through donation .We will make a demo .Then all will be convinced .Then the job is done . By the way , where are you now ? Are you in Vrndavan ? If you are in Vrndavan I like to meet you . Please give me a call   09444856720.

Thanking you ,

In the service of Lord Krishna And His Cows

An insignificant beggar


Hare Krishna. I live in city city where people are allowed to keep many large dogs but no cows allowed.
To get around this I have been researching " DWARF COWS " also known as dexter or miniature cows.
We have many breeds including the Dwarf Bramin "ZEBU " cow which is an original species from India.They grow to the size of a big breed dog. I have a pair now and we can sometimes get around 3 liters of fresh milk a day. With such dwarf cows every home can get fresh milk...


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