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Hare krishna,AGTSPI'm a teenager, who is struggling to fight against lust. It's a painstaking task that I have to deal with it everyday. I have no vaishnav association as in my area, there are not much vaishnavas. As far as chanting, I chant 16 rounds. I read the gita and now finishing the samhita. It's very hard as there is no one to guide me. I sometimes watch lectures or watch gita daily by Chaitanya prabhu. But it's insufficient and I just don't have any clue how to progress. Lust is always pulling me down. Everytime I do something, instantly I regret. Before I watch those trash, I keep telling to myself, no you can't do this. But the next thing I know, I'll be watching them. This has become frustrating. I think of leaving kc as it's tough, but I just can't. When I try to stop chanting, i feel something missing. Whenever i think of reverting back to my old ways, I feel like half of me is dead. I don't know why, I can't be advanced being a devotee nor when I try to quit, I couldn't. I sincerely want to stop watching those explicit trash. I just can't do it though.Please help me.

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    Go to gym and do sports. Regularly. Engage yourself with things which will make you a man. Man wants to be successful in his career, achieve higher goals in life, fight for life, fight for success. 

  • plz try reading this book "kalyana kalpataru" .its full of advice for mind regarding these inauspicious habits
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    • Yes  Radha (DD) is correct it is by consummation in Krishna's service that one becomes less and less impressed by Mya's. that is why Chanting properly is so important! there is no (D) sound made when the holly Names are (properly chanted). Please Teach Chanting properly! Prahbus


      • Who is it ' that can be'foil the most perfect, Most High Holy names of Haray?

        ?????????????? indeed-

        that is so ridiculous/ bogus! 

        & unthinkable you are not (HDG) stop cheating the neophytes of their one shot at an authentic experience of Their grace. Thank you all though for trying so heard I know' that we can pull ISKCON UP OUT  of that nascence. Simply chant & teach others to chant properly. i.e.serve Krishna by not causing Him to respond to that squealing of the Hoges effect that that (Hah-day sound results in, thank you. Haray Bolah  

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I checked your profile - it didnt mention where you are. Maybe there is devotee association right near you, and you are not aware.

    Anyways, what you can do is - 

    Wake up at 4.00 am - latest by 6.00 am

    Sing Mangalarati songs - or watch them live on www.mayapur.tv/indexflash or on www.vrindavan.tv

    Chant your rounds - all 16 at a time will be good if its possible for you.

    Watch Shringar Arati - 7.00 am onwards - same websites as above.

    Hear the lecture - 8.00 am onwards 

    Get ready, go to school/ college - wherever you go to study.

    Do not discuss girls or look at girls when you are in the company of your friends.

    Come back in the evening and read Srila Prabhupada's books - one at a time, systematically. If you are reading Gita, then you could hear the lecture of each shloka on this website - lots are there by HG Chaitanya Charan prabhu. It will help you understand the shloka properly.

    Stay away from internet and computer after (say) 8.00 pm. Go to sleep early so taht you can wake up early.

    Once you can make this a routine, it will help you.

    One of the foremost things to control lust is to control the tongue. We control tongue by 2 ways - one is by chanting the mahamantra and the second is by eating only Krsna prasadam. If you cannot manage taht, atleast ensure taht you are eating vegeterian food without onion and garlic. This will go a long way to help you control lust. Atleast resolve to eat at home only - no eating out. 

    It is easy to give up anything - especially when there is no way to hide or cheat. One cannot hide from Krsna or cheat Him. The difficult thing to do is mostly the correct thing to do in any situation in life. So hang on - help is coming along.

    You can stay in touch with devotees through whatsapp groups, through this website.

    If you give me your number, I will include you in my group. You can give it separately on mail also.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thanks a lot for your input mataji, I'll try to follow
  • Just follow the process, everything will cure with time, quitting KC is spiritual suicide.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    Dandavat Pranams

    Greatest Association you can get in ISKCON is Prabhupad's through his books. Association with a pure devotee is a very important thing. very very important. When Prabhupad used to send devotees to preach in different countries they didn't get these association with devotees. The only association they had was Prabhupad's books. And they were all successful. Hear Prabhupad's lecture. A word coming out from a pure devotee's mouth is very powerful. It can get you back to Godhead. Don't worry about lust, as long as you have a material body the lust will hunt you. Don't feel bad about it. Everyone face this difficulty. Finish your rounds early in the morning, read Prabhupad books 1 hr daily, hear Prabhupad lectures everyday. This is really practical. Just try to do this. Even if you fail, its okay. Just try,try,try, try to make it a daily practice. You can really control the lust. You can really resist the urges and can say no to your mind. Try to have prasadam all the time. Don't eat anything else. If you're in a situation where you can't cook or you can't get prasadam, get some thulsi leaves or stick or seeds whatever is available, offer it to the Lord. Keep these offered things with you always. before you take some food make sure you always touch the food with the the thulsi prasadam. Lord's prasadam never gets contaminated, it'll only purifies the thing it touch. This is doesn't mean that you can life long do this. Try to get prasadam cooked by devotees or yourself. These are some general suggestions. You're not alone, don't worry. Krishna and Prabhupad will never leave you. You can always speak your difficulties with them, they'll surely guide you. This is real. Many of the devotees would share realizations about this. Krishna Consciousness is very wonderful. Don't ever think of leaving it. Many devotees are there now, they'll all help you. You're not alone. More can be discussed only when your circumstances are understood. Feel free to contact.

    Your's Servant,


  • v hav left kc fr millions of birth. now dont leave kc. "This is my sincere request."

    u may fail a 100 times but dont give up. u will win 101th time. hav patience.
    hav firm faith that krsna is ur friend. he knows ur prob. he will certainly help u.

    as an extra u can also watch kc dramas (usualy i feel inspired and moved by them) .
    and u shud hav a loving relation wit one of the devotee (anyone whose words will influence u.) they will be ur strength in overcoming these challenges.

    this happened in my life so im advising same wit u
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