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Hare krishna,AGTSPI'm a teenager, who is struggling to fight against lust. It's a painstaking task that I have to deal with it everyday. I have no vaishnav association as in my area, there are not much vaishnavas. As far as chanting, I chant 16 rounds. I read the gita and now finishing the samhita. It's very hard as there is no one to guide me. I sometimes watch lectures or watch gita daily by Chaitanya prabhu. But it's insufficient and I just don't have any clue how to progress. Lust is always pulling me down. Everytime I do something, instantly I regret. Before I watch those trash, I keep telling to myself, no you can't do this. But the next thing I know, I'll be watching them. This has become frustrating. I think of leaving kc as it's tough, but I just can't. When I try to stop chanting, i feel something missing. Whenever i think of reverting back to my old ways, I feel like half of me is dead. I don't know why, I can't be advanced being a devotee nor when I try to quit, I couldn't. I sincerely want to stop watching those explicit trash. I just can't do it though.Please help me.

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  • Hare Krishna !!

    I feel you already have favour of Krishna that you have got so much knowledge even in this teenage when I just had no idea of Prabhupada's messages in my teenage. How well you could discriminate what is good and what is bad for you !! 

    Chaitanya prabhu indicated : we are in the ocean miseries. So we must not leave the boat which Prabhupada has provided. It will surely make us land on the destination/lotus feet of Krishna - Please Have faith !! Have patience and determination. May be now your boat is facing some storm, but that does not mean you we should leave the boat and start swimming alone. There is more danger in that endeavour. 

    During the time you connect Krishna to your life, be very very sincere in those moments and have faith - storm will recede - that is what I believe so thought of sharing even though I am completely in ignorance so far.

    - Haribol !! Jai Bhakt Prahlad ki Jai !!


  • Volunteer

    Hello friend,

    I'll be your friend. Lust will always will to pull us down yet Krsna is always willing to pull us up. These things take time, so much time sometimes. There is no need to rush. Consider what Krsna Himself says in the ninth chapter, api cet su-duracaro...Even if one commits the most abominable actions, if he is engaged in devotional service, he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated. So that must be our aspiration at the very least. Even if our mind is full of rubbish and our behavior silly, still, we won't let go. Maya can fight, but Krsna can fight longer. 

    Let me know if you want to be pen pals or something. Sometimes just being able to talk about things and not feel stressed that we have to be sadhus already, can take a load off. 

    I'm here whenever you need. 

    Your servant in Krsna Consciousness,


  • this is one of the most honest and sincere questions, i think good association of  devotees is the biggest problem that people are facing ,, find some one with whom you can share things and mind .  hare krsna. 

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  • So you say you're drowning into the ocean like, let's be honest here, 99% of the material universe but by Krishna's own sweet will a magical lifeboat appeared! Say you jumped off the lifeboat deliberately but guess what? It's still there and you can climb back aboard! Leaving the lifeboat isn't a solution, you'll simply drown.

    Prabhupada's movement is like that lifeboat, prabhu. If you leave it, trust me, you'll be in a scarier position. You're not alone in this. Great demigods, before who we amount to dust, such as Brahma and Siva had difficulties with this issue. Do what people suggested here: read SP's books, chant (without distraction) and all of that.

    and also just ask yourself why do you need that little insignificant moment of self-indulgence? Instead of spilling away your valuable life energy you could be doing so much more. Know that feeling when it's done? Feels like crap right? Like a cold hard slap from the same illusion which you thought was oh so real and fabulous. Krishna will help, you just be determined to help yourself first.

  • Hare KṚṢṆA Prabhu...
    I'm also like you Suffering From lust
    And More Problems.. I just Tackled it by Surrendering to Gauranga... When i have Such Thinking i divert it By hearing lectures.. Please hear more lectures based on it from Our Maharaj H.H Bhakthi vikasa Swami @ www.bvks.com
    Regarding this..
    Our body works based on our mind.. so all happens because of your thinking. So you try to divert Maya...
    All the best..
  • Hare Krishna prabhuji
    Please chant very loudly Mahamantra when mind is seeking for lust .
    Please continue your efforts Make believe krishna will definitely make some arrangement for you and you will be in very nice association .
  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,
    I am not qualified to give answer to your question but plz find this attachment and hear it attention


    One more thing consciously accept whatever is favourable for Krishna consciousness and regect which is unfavourable.
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna

    I too belong to a place in Middle East where I get no devotee association and also my family doesn't support me much either. I understand association is very integral for our spiritual progress. I maintain few online and over the call association. Regarding my concern about devotee association, a senior devotee said me that SP's association is sufficient for our progress, and we can do so by reading his books regularly. And honestly, it works if ur regular and remain determined. So please start reading other SP literatures if you have finished BG. 

    Prabhupada said, "Just see. You are not reading my books. Every day you have to read, study, and learn my books just like a lawyer learns the law books. You must know everything, chapter and verse. If you do not know, how will you preach? Unless you know my books how will you teach these men? Do you know that every day even I read my own books? Do you know why I read my books?"

    Prabhupada said, "I read my books every day because even I learn something new when I read my books. These are not my books. I do not write these books."

    He continued, "Every morning, when I sit here to write my books, Krishna comes personally and dictates to me what to write. I simple take dictation from Krishna to write these books. Therefore, when I read them, even I learn something."


    • Thank you so much for your advice!
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