Hare Krishna!All glories to Srila Prabhupada!I am a very lazy person. Even if I do get motivated I tend to be so lazy that I end up doing nothing.This laziness, lack of motivation and seriousness is hurting my spiritual progress.I do not know of the kind of emotions a devotee must have when executing the orders of The Lord and spiritual master. Hence, I am not able to focus my determination on anything. Not even on something materialistic because I now know it's bad.Please tell me how to stay motivated all the time and focus my determination.Is it wrong to only be serious and sincere and execute Krishna's order without any other emotions, without thinking of anything else?

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  • Hare Krishna..

    Your current situation reminds me of my situation when I understood that, all the while I was running for nothing. You now know that there is nothing in this world for you to do and hence you are not able to concentrate on work. The same thing happened to me. When the interest is not there, we tend to be lazy. But do not worry. The Lord will show you the way. Just have faith in Him. Why don't you gain knowledge by reading various books on our puranas? There is so much to learn. This lifetime won't suffice. Gain interest in reading the books. That way, you will always remember the Lord. Our puranas are so interesting that we will not be able to stop once we start reading them. You will understand what you are and what the Supreme Lord is. I feel gaining knowledge about our puranas is the best way to get motivated all the time.



    • Thank you, Prabhu. I will try to read more.
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