Law of karma - how it works?

Hare krishna!

I Believe in the law of karma,but one of my relatives say it is false....

He says,"we do karma according to our time,situation and place"..."we hindu kill small things b/c we didnt learn to kill large things like humans etc" she adds.

For example : you are sitting in a room and you find a bit insect which is harmful and you have the material means to kill it,so you will...if someone says anything bad to you,you will think bad about him....thinking is also a karma,so where is our mistake? when we speak/walk many bacteria's get killed,so the jain's wear a mask on their mouth,so they may not kill any living being...if ur head is filled with lice's,you will remove them and kill them,so where is our fault?

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  • Hare Krishna!

    These are the things I've heard in association with devotees over the years...

    If you are a devotee in service to Sri Krsna, microbes that die in your body make advancement,

    Any bugs you accidentally step-on make advancement,

    If you kill a poisonous snake or bug in your locale, you are saving someone else from being hurt.

    I recall that Shrila Prabhupada recommended that living-quarters and temples should be so clean, no bugs want to live there.


    • Hare Krishna Rankin Prabhu!
      You provided very helpful information.
      Thank you for your clarification.
      Your servant,
  • Finally,I got all my answers...Thank you everyone :)

  • well said Dean prabhuji!

    And Sagar prabhuji we won't be charged for killing micro organisms since God gave us this body and so if God wanted to save micro organism he would have given eyes powerful like that of its all Krishna's plan..Don't worry...

    Hare Krishna!

  • I believe Arjuna knew of Krishna's divinity even before Lord instructed the Gita

  • Hare krishna prabhuji!

    Three Types of Action

    The word karma has several connotations. It can mean an action, its reaction, or the whole system of action-reaction known as the law of karma.

    In a scriptural sense, karma primarily means actions done in accordance with one's duties prescribed in the revealed scriptures. Vikarma refers to actions done contrary to the scriptures by the misuse of one's free will.Vikarma takes one down to the lower forms of life. The four main vikarmic activities, as mentioned in the Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.17.38), are intoxication, meat-eating, gambling, and illicit sex. These four lead to severe karmic reactions, which come both in future and in present lives. In this life, illicit sex leads to a variety of diseases; meat-eating leads to heart problems, cancer, and other diseases; gambling causes people to lose their self-control and eventually everything else. Intoxication, which people think is very enjoyable, is actually a ritual of self-torture. What starts with "Cheers!" often leads to tears; under the spell of intoxicants, people act in ways that cause them to lose their self-respect, their bank balance, their families, and sometimes even their lives.

    Finally, akarma, which translates literally as "no activity," doesn't mean inactivity, but activity that brings no reaction, activity that frees one from the cycle of birth and death.

    Complete Freedom From Karma

    Devotional service to the Lord is akarma. It brings the ultimate freedom from karmic entanglement because by its very nature it is a transcendental activity. It also provides us with, among other things, four great gifts that help us progress to the pure spiritual platform.

    1. The ability to distinguish right from wrong. When we practice devotional service, the Lord as the Supersoul in our heart grants us the knowledge to make the right choices. All of us can, at some time or other, hear the voice of conscience (vivek buddhi). When we start doing something wrong, the voice from inside warns, "Don't do this." When we want to do something right, the voice says, "Yes, do this now." When we practice devotional service and chant the holy name of Krishna, this inner voice becomes stronger, guiding us to make the right choices in life. Thus devotional service can grant us the knowledge to gradually become disentangled from all karma.

    2. The determination to do right and avoid wrong. Devotional service saves us from (a) doing further bad karma and (b) the craving to do bad karma. It gives us the inner satisfaction that enables us to say no to all the sinful pleasure of this world. Thus, we not only know the right choices, but we also get the willpower to make those choices.

    3. The lessening of sinful reactions. Certain reactions are destined to come to us from the past. But devotional service reduces those reactions. Instead of the complete reaction, the Lord gives devotees a token reaction so that they don't forget the miserable nature of this world.

    4. The inner strength to face suffering. Whatever residual karma comes upon us, devotional service grants us the strength to tolerate the suffering. The more spiritually advanced, the more the devotee experiences the reality of this protection from Krishna. So externally, pure devotees may seem to be in pain, but internally, because of their remembrance of the holy name, they don't feel the suffering.

    Regardless of our past karma, the spiritually scientific process of devotional service is the best path to the highest happiness in this life and the next.


    your servant


    Understanding Karma and How to Stop It | Back to Godhead
  • Hare Krishna Sagar Prabhu!

    Many exalted devotees responded to your questions nicely. I would also like you to read the following link of ISKCON which will elaborately tell you about various types of karma e.g.,  (a) Karma: those which elevate, (b) Vikarma: those which degrade and (c) Akarma: those which create neither good nor bad reactions and thus lead to liberation.

    Please browse the link:

    Hope and pray for your uninterrupted advancement in the spiritual development. 

    Hare Krishna!

    • Still i am confused,Riding a car/bike are still a kind of karma...someone said we don't perform any actions the bodydoes and the soul watches them...than where is our fault? when we are not performing any kind of action while,we are seeing them? I understand Karma yoga,i can't can't say "i am going to cinema for you My lord" or "i am going to play with my friends for you" that is simple Sense Gratification..and for studies,i perform them but i don't care for results...But what about Crackers and fireworks of diwali? they cause harm to many organisms and does the car etc I mean to say,i understand karma-yoga but what about killing/harm which we cause unknowingly? how to curb it?

      • I will try to answer your specific questions so that you can relate the law of karma better..

        As long as you think that it is you(false-ego) who is doing an action, that means you are getting attached to it and therefore, the result will also get attached to you. 

        Actions born of desire for material gain will make you addicted and therefore will pull your senses more towards sense objects. Always strive to perform actions of sacrifice(by helping other beings in whatever way you can). But this too will bind you. So, perform sacrifice, without any attachment to the results.

        Watching a movie or playing with your friends will not harm you until it doesn't become a strong desire(addiction) caused by severe attachment to these material actions.

        It is true that it is the Prakriti(your body) combined with its gunas(goodness, passion and ignorance) are performing the actions and the soul is not attached to the actions of Prakriti. If you are in this state of belief, then the actions and results will not affect you. But it is also important to know what are the actions that need to be performed and what kind of actions that need to be given up. Inaction is not possible because you will have to perform actions even to maintain your body. I think there was a link given about kind of actions and what actions to be performed and what shouldn't be performed. You can go through it.

        There are thousands of organisms getting killed in your body every moment just for your survival. They are dying and new ones are taking birth. This is a continuous process. So, do not get attached to that. If you really feel that you are causing harm, then you can do whatever you can to reduce the harm. But don't get so attached to the action(by thinking that you are harming them). Remember, if you get attached, the results will bind you automatically.



  • Prabhu, I think you are denying the very base on which Bhagavad Gita was built. The premise was to face own relatives, gurus, friends and others in the battle and Arjuna, forgetting his duty, became weak by heart. Even his gurus would have asked him to do his duty and wouldn't recommend him to go on defense. Since Krishna was his guru at that time, he too suggested the same. On the contrary if he didn't fight, he would have accrued sin. I hope you understand.

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