Ladu Gopal Sewa

Hare Krishna 
I have Ladu Gopal at my home from last 3 years. However, I used to do sewa (Changing clothes and offerings) only on Janamashtmi. Unaware of the fact, he's child and should be offered daily.

With Lord's grace, I met a lady on this Janamashtmi, who advised me to change clothes on every Purnima, that I do every month after making Ladu Gopal bath with Panch amrit. 

From this month, I have now started offering Bhog (Milk, Water, Dry fruit, Vegetable-without ginger, garlic). But I do this once in a day as I work in rotational shifts and there's no one apart me to do this.

Is there anything advisable to do?

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  • Hare Krishna

    Dandvat Pranam

    I had been at your stage around 5 years back. While I was working I had no time to do sewa, but slowly slowly things do change for every one. 

    Right now (as I understand you have little time), if possible:

    Try to offer whatever you eat (no onion no garlic food) .Ginger is purely vegeterian food and can be offered to Krishna. 

    I mean whatever you eat - first you offer and then have it as Krishna prasad. I mean the roti, sabji, dal, rice, fruits, salads, papad, chutney, chips, icecreams, nuts, chowmein, pasta, cookies, eggless cakes, etc.

    When u make tiffin for yourself in the morning, first offer it and then pack for yourself. 

    KEEP STOCK OF TULSI.  Krishna accepts food with tulsi only.

    In dinner when u cook,first offer and then eat. I mean in the beginning do not need to go for much procedural things, offer Him bhog with tulsi and after a while bring it back and mix with the rest of the food and while eating just be grateful that Krishna has actually eaten whatever you have offered and has given you His prasad. It is a wonderful feeling. 

    Trust me, there are only a few fortunate ones who gets KRISHNA prasad. 

    • Thank you.
      Hare Krishna

  • Hello

    jai shree Krishna,

    i understand your situation completely . i am too having a gopal at my place & i am in IT industry working in shifts .

    rather then giving suggestion i will tell what i am doing .

    1 . wake up between 4 to 5 AM.

    2. after having bath - i mildly warm some water for my Gopal

    3. i bath him with warm water and then milk and again with water.

    4. in morning i offer milk with dryfruit. 

    5.  by 8 in morning -while leaving i turn on the fan of gopal's room and offer some fruits and some dryfruits to gopal.

    6, i come back by 6 i offer water and some fresh satvik food to gopal 

    7 at 7 i change cloths of my gopal and make him seat on his bed and keep water and milk beside him. and say my last prayers.

    i dont know about your situation but i think you take some ideas from my routine.

    please forgive me if there is any mistakes in my writing .

    all glories to Lord Krishna.

    Hare Krishna. 



    • Thank you.
      Hare Krishna

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