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    All forms of Krishna in the form of murti's are worship able like any other form of Krishna. Every murti has an individual personality, yet the Lord is the same. Acintya bhedabheda.  Therefore you may follow the link for worship.

    please refer to:


    Please forgive me if I have erred in any way and this is to be taken as my personal suggestion.



    Laddoo Gopal is especially worshiped by children..

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      • mata ji do u have laddoo gopal or are u planning to get one??
        • We already have Laddoo Gopal with us. We got HIM as gift on our wedding anniversary recently. Since then, we have started taking care of HIM with a little knowledge we have about how to serve HIM. This is why we have posted a discussion, so that we can get the advice from better learned prabhujis and matajis.

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          • thats gr8!!

            mata ji i got my laddoo gopal from vrindavan ... and HH Veda Vyasa priya maharaj named him Navneetpriya. Maharaj told me that laddo gopal needs motherly care(vatslaya bhav) like a mother takes care of her child... rest things u cn knw frm site prabhu ji posted..

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              What about Jagannath Subhadra Baladev?


              What about Nitai and Gouranga?

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