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Hare Krishna...

I am having a doubt actually...Just wanting to confirm if the same thing happens with everyone nd if it had happened what did it suppose to mean...

So my question is .....Look I use to burn lamp everyday for krishna like many people do..Nd whenever light falls on his face ,it seems like he is smiling ...Or sometimes silent nd sometimes different..Every day doesn't seem like usual..The deity keeps changing face expressions..or its due to maybe light reflecting on his face.....But actually not only in the case of deity ..His picture on the wall too seems different sometimes when I just look at him for so long..I want to know...Are these things normal to happen..Maybe he is there in our minds so our mind takes it differently but I swear that deity face always get some different looks..How is it possible..Ya it is possible but only if we believe it to be...........

I want to know if krishna seems sad or happy ..Is it a reflection of my thoughts or really he could be angry.....Or happy...

Hoping for a good reply,


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  • Hare Krishna,

    Feelings of one devotee beautifully explained by Gayatri Mataji along with a nice story.

    Thank you for making us wiser.

    Hari Om.

  • Hare Krishna Shilpa Mata ji,

    I can understand what you are feeling :-)  This happens when you have the deity/photograph of Lord at home since many years.

    You start to form a relationship with Lord and we start feeling that he is now a part of our life. like we have mother, father, brother, sister at home. We treat the deity as own on kith and kin.

    We feed Lord, tell him our day to day kahani which is going on. We feel He is now one among us. So we can see some haav bhav in Krsna deity out of this attachement.

    When we are sad we feel Lord is also sad, when we are angry we can sense He is also angry, When we are happy we can sense this happiness in krsna also.

    Becoz we formed now a bonding with the deity. esp. the photo or deity which we have in our homes.

    My mother has this type of similar experiences.  Sukh dukh mein aap hum unko shaamil karlete hai. har baat unse share karne lage toh aisa feeling aata hai.

    I have one story:-

    Once in some village (yeh story south mein famous hai) naam yaad nahi characters ke. There was a small temple priest. The deity of Lord balaji was there and the priest was a staunch vaishnava. Did lot of pooja, archana naivedya, reciting mantras, slokas to God. but his son was not interested to learn the slokas for offering bhog or vidhi vidhaan of pooja, archana etc.

    The brahmina one day had to leave to some business for a day to the next village. He said to his child ( who was simply 7-8 yrs old maybe) to do regular pooja, do diya lighting and offer bhog to Lord as its not good to leave Lord without offering anything. Boy said okay in a playful mood. Nextday morning the priest left for the village. The boy forgot totally about Lord. then in the late afternoon he remembered Oh! My father told me to feed to Lord. I forgot. He ran to the deity and sad sorry Lord. Are you hungry? I forgot about you. I am such an idiot. My  father told me to offer bhog but I totally forgot. I am very sorry. You must be very hungry wait let me get you food. he got some fruits and flowers. then place them on the feet of Lord said Sorry. Please eat. now. 

    Hehehehe then he said. oh my god I forgot to close the curtain. My father does while feeding you. I am such a foolish person. he closed the curtain stood out and said are you done eating Lord?

    then he peaked in after 1 second. said So you are really angry with me. I know the reason why. Only becoz I don't know the slokas so you wont eat right?

    He said and brought the book of slokas sat and recited 2 slokas by reading it from the books and was peeking if Lord came to eat the food or not?

    Then he said I think you are still angry with me. He said I know the way how to please you. he took the banana fruit peeled it and small a small portion of the banana and started to feed lord near to the mouth directly. He said open your mouth you are hungry and angry. A person who is hungry is also angry. So stop being angry and eat this he said. Still Lord didn't respond.

    then he got sad., that Lord is really angry with him because he made it late to offer food. He felt bad, then he was worried what will my father say if he comes tomorrow.  I did a big mistake. the said If you don't eat i am also not going to eat now.  You think you only can be angry. I can also be angry. He said that and sat with his back facing lord. then after 2 seconds turned and saw the plate. Nothing no response.

    he got tired he said okay if you feel i did mistake and i will do sit ups. then atleast you will get satisfied and eat it.  he did some sit ups he got tired as he also didn't eat whole day. He was famished with hunger and slept on the ground there itself. It was like getting dark. Then there was a light coming from the diety which woke the boy. There came a blue Jewelled hand from the deity and was about to pick up the banana from the plate. The boy cam running. and caught hold of the hand. So, now your are hungry! and your anger is cooled down. aaha the boy said. Deity responded. and suddenly there was a knock heard calling out the boy's name to open the door. It was his father back from the village. 

    The boy said wait Lord don't go anywhere I will open the door and show you to my father also. As he went to open the door he left the hand of Lord and Lord vanished. The boy was so happy told his father come soon I want to show you something. Father was saying no no first tell me did you offer lord anything today or not. Boy said yes I will show you that only. Just now lord came and ate the banana which I have offer and pulling the father's hand he called him inside the pooja room. there is no lord now. the banana had been eaten.

    The boy told 100 times father I saw Lord's hand coming out. father said could be your imagination. Since so many years I have been offering naivedya and lord didn't come once also. You offered just today and don't even know any slokas to offer. How can you expect lord to come and eat.  maybe imagination only. Or maybe Lord came?? Then the father while was arguing, I never got any darshan since so many years I have been serving Lord. And you say you got darshan without any ritual pooja.

    I cannot believe you.he also added,  you must be day dreamng or must be hungry and ate yourself the banana and must have forgotten while you slept off. Just then Lord replied from the Archa Vigraha, I want to another banana I am still hungry kid., you said wait I will come I have been waiting...Now the father was like OM krishna. It was a miracle.

    See,  Bhagwan bhav ke bhooke. really for Him offering, or slokas or anything didnt' matter. all matters was the child's innocent bhakti and his really feeling that Lord will come and eat he tried level best to convince lord. This only happens when we have some relationship with the deity.  Now since the brith the boy saw his father worship the deity and he also got some attachement to it. And above all the child was feeling that the Lord of the Universe is a normal person and he is like one among with them as they do daily ritual pooja offering.

    Hare Krishna. 

    • This is such a beautiful story..with beautiful explanation...Thank you..Krishna is really so kind😍..he sees bhav ..not much things ..😊

  • Hare Krishna,

    I believe that same thing happens only with those who really believe Sri Krishna and call him from heart. Blessed you are.
    Radha Rasamayi DD has best answered your doubt.

    Hari Om,


    • Ohh thanks for replying....Yes I too believe if we just search for him he won't come but if we call him from heart he would be there........

      Hari hari!!😊

      • Hare Krishna,

        Please don't thank me, it was a pleasure to respond to your doubt. You raise a question/doubt, you make others wise. Please don't say "he won't come", request you to check what Sri Krishna has said in Gita, particularly in 8/14 & 9/22. 

        Hari Om,


        • No I mean..when we look for him here and there..he won't respond because we are looking him outside..but he lies in our heart so if we call him whole heartedly he will respond definitely...


  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Krsna speaks with us, according to our capacity and degree of surrender. Sometimes, our thoughts get reflected on Krsna's face, whether in deity form or in picture form. Especially in the beginning, when we are still firming up, even if its our imagination, it really helps us realise how much reciprocation is there and how much He loves us. Firms us up in His devotion in this way. 

    In the beginning of our journey, we are raw and at the same time innocent. We have not committed much vaishnav aparadh - thats why we get reciprocation very fast. Later, to reach that same level that we got initially, we have to work towards it.

    I hope I am able to explain.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krishna..Thank you for your reply..

      I was looking for that kinda something...Krishna   really kind to encourage in any way...I m just happy to see his grace nd kindness....

      Glad to know all this🙏

      Thanks again ❤

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