Krishna related names

i was reading spiritual names in this site, found out a name "PUSTI". Can anyone tell me the meaning of this and also the correct spelling, i mean, would it be different in meaning if i use the spelling as "PUSHTI" instead of "PUSTI"  

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  • Jai Shri Krishna...

    Congratulations on a new Vaishnavi!! The name Pushti or Pusti has the same meaning, it means possessor of great wealth.. Laxmi but others have said that The Name Pushti means Grace! Now I deduce that it could be that some see Grace for wealth or Grace of Krishna.. Usually the name in other language written in another does not sound the same as spelled. Its just a guesswork trying to get is as close to sounding like the original. I on the other hand like Pushti. Its completely your choice.

    If I have erred please forgive me and as usual will be taken as a learning curve. ;-)

    • hare krishna manoj ji,

      thanks for the reply... it is really the grace of krishna that we all chose her name as PUSHTI, unknowingly.
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