we knw that krishna is performing his lila everytimes. bt what about other incarnations such as ram, nursinhdev, varahdev,. where do they live, and they do there. suupose i worshop to lord ram will go to lord ram where he reside? would all these incarnation repedetely comes sequentially in saty, traita, dwapar, and kali. in next cycle everything will be same or different?

plz give ur suggestion i m asking these becose these qustion we come accross?

 hare bol 

                                                                                 your servant

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  • hare krishna. thanku prabhji

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    Srimad Bhagavatam explains that the material creation is a very small portion in the complete creation. Majority of the creation is the spiritual sky. The space in between the two sky is the space where the brahama jothi is present which is nothing but the effulgence coming out of Krishna's body in Goloka. The spiritual sky has unlimited number of planets and in each of these planets reside a predominating deity which is nothing but one of the incarnation of Lord himself along with his devotees. The center of the spiritual sky is the Goloka where Krishna is performing his eternal leela with his friends. In all the planets, the inhabitants have the form similar to Krishna or Vishnu meaning either 2 handed or 4 handed. If some one worships one of the incarnations of Krishna like Rama or Narashima dev, then they will be promoted to these planets where Lord Rama or Lord Narashima dev eternally exists. And if one develops love for Krishna as he is - a simple coward boy holding his flute and playing upon it, we can go back to his supreme abode.

    hope this helps you understand better.

    hare krishna

    • Hare Krishna!

      Thanks prabhuji.........

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