Krishna in Dreams

Hare Krishna to All...Yesterday i got a dream showing Lord Krishna in Child form.HE stole butter from a pot and when approached to touch him suddenly dream was over..What this indicates???And what will happen if Krishna comes in dream and what it states or what message it gives to us in our daily life??How we can treat this situation and what to do next????Please help.....Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum


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  • Hare Krishna to all..

    Thans to all for replying

    Thanks Nilesh ji ...
    Krishna appeared as bala krishna and he is looking innocent at that time. I saw it as I were at that place.Location seems to be Vrindavan. My heart filled with joy at that location and when I went to see HIM very near the dream getting closed and the dream was over. This is what happened exactly .

    Krishna wear tilak and have some jewellary and more over he is brightening at that moment

    Jai Shri Krishna Bhagavaan Ki
  • hk,
    pls find my comments below ur qn's

    What this indicates???
    now krishna is part of ur life

    And what will happen if Krishna comes in dream and what it states or what message it gives to us in our daily life??
    w'll become more K.C., It states that u r thinking lot abt krishna , daily life we should become more K.C.

    How we can treat this situation and what to do next????
    TAKE it as token , be more K.C. Offer everything to krishna.

    its my own suggestion not from scriptures.
    kindly tell how he looks like in dream i never dream of krishna pls describe his various attributes, sringaar ,looks
  • hare krishna, shobna mataji hats up to you for giving such a scientific explanation but I have experineced personally that dreams do foretold the future. But dream has to be analysed, its not that what you see will come out to be true, they have some hidden meaning and they come out to be true. jai jagganath, jai shree radhe
    • Its very true mathaji,when KRISHNA get satisfied that, this devotee is trying his levelbest to please ME,then HE come in dream to encourage more and more.HIS only wISH to attract people to give detachment from this temperary world,and take them everblissful attachment with HIM .
      • it happened more than a year ago,that day was ekadashi.i performed pooja,made new varieties of sweets and all.that night i dreamt,i and my relatives were in a unknown temple.there was a idol of vishnu,as we went ahed,the idol showerd flowers from its right hand.then a small baby krishna came out of that idol,sat on my lap and started to play naughtily.the dream was over.i was very happy about it and forgot it. after some days,my family planned a trip for Mysore.coming from mysore,somebody told there is a beautiful temple of vishnu and was APRAMEYA temple.there was a vishnu deity.and in a corner of that temple,there was a beautiful idol of Balkrishna.i suddenly rememberd my dream and cried of joy.i will attach a photo of that balakrishna next time.
        Hare Krishna
    • Hare krishna !!!

      All Glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga !!!! All Glories to Srilaprabhupada !!!

      very true, sri radha mataji is right, one day Krishna came into my dream too, its happens mainly because ,if the whole day we are busy thinking about him, Krishna seeps unto our consciusness, which is good actually. But when Krishna comes all of sudden, I dont know what it Means. Bt it means good only because Krishna is good. jai jai shree radhe
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