• thanks a lot mata g

  • bhaktin maral mata g can i get contact detail of such iskcon devotee astrologer . plz share it if u can

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      Prabhu, please contact Ruslan Prabhu on FB.

      Or Damana Krishna Prabhu again on FB.

      They are both expert astrologers.

      Your servant, 

      Руслан Нарушевич (Ruslan Narushevich)
      Руслан Нарушевич (Ruslan Narushevich), Riga, Latvia. 14K likes. Руслан Нарушевич (Ruslan Narushevich)
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    Hare Krishna dear Kashyapi Karan Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Please also go throe these links:


    For example, before coming to Krishna Consciousness i was very much attached to astrology. There were times when i every step did according to astrology and program my mind under these predictions.

    But now no time for that.

    Even if some astrologer or palmist will say something if their advice is contradictory with devotional service to Krishna then i won't pay attention to that but choose the service.

    But we have good Astrologers in ISKCON who can connect you with Krishna by their wise advices. We can trust only to such like Devotee astrologers who also depend on Krishna.

    Astrology is not just computer calculation, there is needed for intelligence and heart and the connection with Paramatma. Astrologer should be pure then only he can tell something which will help us.

    Your servant, 

    • Hare Krishna,,dandwat pranam mata thanks very much for your reply.

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