Hare Krishna! My humble obeisances to all Vaishnava devotees who are here and everywhere.

I have been recently told by an astrologer that I am under the malefic influence of the Nava Grahas and this will last till the end of 2014. I am also told I have earned the curse of a Guru in my past life ... and the effects of the curse have become very glaring now.

Since 2013, I have become a humble devotee of the Lord - not because of my circumstances, but by His calling. Although I visit His temples occasionally, I do not have a spiritual master to guide me. So, I think of Him as a caitya guru to guide me through my spiritual journey.

I am truly sad to ask this question out of ignorance. Will the Lord protect me from my troubles, or do I need to seek other remedial measures?

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  • Hare Krishna. Mihir Prabhu, I've not heard of namabhasa. I'll check this, taking into account of your warning. I do not wish to offend the Lord in any way - certainly not for material wants and needs. After all, He will protect His children. Thank you for your advice. Hare Krishna!

  • hk.i think curse of that can be real of ur probs...but by worshipping him we can decrease the curse or probs..but it cant be removed from ur life

    • Hare Krishna. Yesterday, I came across a commentary on verse 10 chapter 4 of the Gita. This commentary, by Kesava Kasmiri of the Kumara Vaisnava Sampradaya (later known as the Nimbarka Sampradaya) read as follows:

      "The very knowledge of the Supreme Lord's transcendental nama or names, rupa or forms, guna or attributes, lila or pastimes and dhama or abode is the tapasya or penance which dissolves all karmas or reactions to previous actions."

      It would seem to me that one can avoid, even extinguish, one's karma through spiritual knowledge of Sri Krishna's transcendental glories. Hare Krishna!

      • Hare Krishna.Pranam.All of us are somehow or other under the material energy so, in a way or another, problems will definitely be there.it can be in the form of a curse,disease or anything...Now,we are destined to suffer for our bad deeds and enjoy for our good ones.So, according to ancient tradition scriptures, people are advised to worship navagrhas....but the navagrahas are also under the control of Sri Krishna.....

        Once a gentleman approached Prabhupad and said that an astologer told him that he will not live long and he was upset about it since he had lots of responsibilities that he is yet to complete...Prabhupada told him to clap his hands and chant the holy names heartily....

        The gentleman did what he was told to and he was surprised to find that his ayush rekha on his hand has actually changed......

        Just see the power of holy name and firm faith on it...So, dont worry...just chant your rounds, take part in Kirtan and recite the most powerful Narasimha kavacam.....things will be okay with you....


        • Hare Krishna, Devi Ma. Thank you very much for your insightful advice. I feel encouraged to move on with full faith in the Lord. I will do as you have advised. Hare Krishna!

          • Hare Krishna.Pranam.It is not my advise.It is the advise of the alwars :

            Aadi aadi aham karaithu, isai paadi isai paadi kanneer malhi

            yendrum naadi naadi Narasimha endru vaadi vaadum evvaaanuthal....

            So, don't worry . You are on the right path...Srila Prabhupad will definitely guide you.

            JAI JAGANNATH

            • Volunteer

              Speaking of Lord Narasimha, be sure to chant the Narasimha Prayers daily to get that extra spiritual strength and protection :)

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