Hare Krishna! My humble obeisances to all Vaishnava devotees who are here and everywhere.

I have been recently told by an astrologer that I am under the malefic influence of the Nava Grahas and this will last till the end of 2014. I am also told I have earned the curse of a Guru in my past life ... and the effects of the curse have become very glaring now.

Since 2013, I have become a humble devotee of the Lord - not because of my circumstances, but by His calling. Although I visit His temples occasionally, I do not have a spiritual master to guide me. So, I think of Him as a caitya guru to guide me through my spiritual journey.

I am truly sad to ask this question out of ignorance. Will the Lord protect me from my troubles, or do I need to seek other remedial measures?

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  • Dear Hare Krishna,

    In my quest for Krishna consciousness, I have been reading lots of scriptural literature. One excellent work is found at  http://www.stephen-knapp.com/thirtyone_days_to_salvation_on_the_ved.... The webmaster, Stephen Knapp, has laid out 31 brief essays on spiritual knowledge based on the Bhagavad-gita.

    I have been faithfully following this. It covers all that you have advised me, and more.

    Over and above these, I am reading and listening to the spoken words of the Lord in the Bhagavad-gita. I hope I can complete this in good time and move on to the Srimad Bhagavatam.

    Thank you. Hare Krishna!

    Thirty-one Days to Salvation on the Vedic Path
    Explains Hinduism in a simple way and how it can be followed easily for the best results
  • its not that astrology is useless. It can definitely tell you about the karma you were born under. As in, parts of your personality, past karmic influences and things you need to work on. But the deepest purpose of astrology is to have a person feel a connection. To have him see he is connected with the stars, which can be a turning point to discover oneness in everything. the true purpose of astrology is to help someone raise their conciousness and see interconnection. Astrology will NOT tell you you are cursed however. Anyone can do astrology, but it takes a little bit of a deeper knowledge to do it correctly. It is simply a tool for one to better understand ones self. Know thyself, as is said. For the kingdom of God is within. Do not brush off astrology entirely, but be very wary of who you listen to. The placebo effect is well documented and is truth. Belief is another word for placebo effect. If you believe you are cursed strongly enough, you will attract that. Think positive for God does love you, he does not curse you, if anything bad happens it is to learn and become stronger and more attached to his presence.

    Much love


  • Hello

    Hari bol,

    Lord Krishna said in Bg/9/22
    "But those who always worship Me with exclusive devotion, meditating on My transcendental form — to them I carry what they lack, and I preserve what they have."
    it means he take care of us who are his devotees and gurantee it he will complete us where we are lacking and he will preserve what we already have
    so prabhuji , do not worry chant hare krishna and be happy .
    he(Krishna) is always there for us and will be .

    hari bol
    • Hare Krishna, Dishant Pathak Prabhu.  Like many devotees who have shed light here, you are indeed correct that Lord Krishna will take care and protect us - His children. Whenever I am mentally free (although physically occupied), I chant His glorious mantra and think of him with love. I have started to feel His grace and mercy. Hare Krishna!

      Thank you for your kind reply.

  • Astrology has alot to do with self reference, and what you reference into your soul. Should not let anyone tell you that you are cursed, and should not settle for something like that. Any true astrologer knows the truth of astrology is in the end, through self reference to show a person oneness and their connection to God and everything else. What that astrologer told you is called pyschic vomit and can hurt rather then help. You are only under what you believe to be true. GOD is the protector. Your shield. And sometimes we are put in tough situations to learn and evolve ( or devolve), to eliminate samskaras, to either learn lessons or get fed up enough to seek a new way. It is all for learning, and it is all out of love. And God does call people to him, especially in this age as he gathers those with the heart. God in himself can be the perfect guru if you are receptive enough for the guidance. Bypass your stars, your karma and free yourself. And God will free you.

    Much Love


    • Hare Krishna, Adam Prabhu. Before 2013, my mind was in a mess. Almost every "spiritual" person I came across told me my wife and I were cursed in this life - that we will not be able to overcome this because of some powerful malefic influences. Looking back at the (lack of) progress in our personal lives, I felt there was truth to what had I had been told.

      Despondent and emotionally strung, I gave up home prayers and challenged the demigods to do what they wished with me. I nearly became an atheist!

      But, Something, Someone held me from going bonkers. Deep inside me, I felt a presence - a presence that led me to pick up the Bhagavad Gita in my home library. (Despite having acquired many of Srila Prabhubada's books since the early 1980s, I had not read them - at least not seriously).

      Since then, from 2013 onwards, I have turned towards Sri Krishna. He is my life and soul, and I think of Him as an elder brother I do not have. Only, because of a lack of a spiritual master, I seem to be swayed by astrologers my wife brings to our home.

      Now, I have firmly decided that I will not entertain astrologers or listen to them. I fully agree with you that astrology is a pure distraction from the Truth - that nothing can be greater than the Lord's grace, mercy and blessings.

      Thank you. Hare Krishna!

  • Difficulties may take away something from you, in this case God will be there to provide you what you lack; he is always there for those who dont have anyone to rely on. Difficulties also make you humble make you devoid of ego which is a must on this path so dont get worried about them; everything is happening according to the directions of Lord Krishna

    • Hare Krishna, Parthasarathy Mitra Prabhu. Ever since my devotion to Krishna, I have been led to many spiritual and authentic literature and writings that are showing and leading me to the Truth. I feel extremely blessed that the Lord is guiding me in ways I have never experienced before. Tears flow as I read them, and my heart becomes filled with His love.

      I thank you too for taking time to share with all of us about the Lord's mercy. Hare Krishna!

  • HARE KRISHNA... all glories to srila prabhupad

    hare krishna to the assembled devotees__/\__

    the thing is prabhu the navagrhas are nothing but a celestial entity who can govern each and every life upto some extent only.they cannot control you or your life.each have their own houses to govern.they just do their work and we cannot blame them for that because they are working under KRISHNA and  KRISHNA is above all these entities....

    what KRISHNA wants is a selfless devotion to him and him only throughout.There should no doubt in that.pray to him prabhu and he will be there in every step of ur life. i too had a problem of shani and rahu dosha but being on the path of krishna devotion and krishna devotee i didnt care about the remedial measures(they told me to worship shani and rahu).

        in your case it is about having a curse by guru you have two choice.one either take that curse to be blessing in disguise or pray to for the forgiveness by fasting on the ekadashi sincerely.Hope i helped.



    • Hare Krishna. Prabhu, you are right. I have now realized nothing can be greater than Sri Krishna. After all, the navagrahas are also His energies. Come what may, my devotion is to Krishna.

      Thank you for your advice. Hare Krishna!

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