Krishna- cause of all

Krishna is the cause of all things. it has mentioned in brahmsanhita. iswarah param krirhna ............................sarva karan karanm.all good n bad things also belong to krishna. it has also explained in gita.he is the origin of all things. so my qstn isif he is the cause of all, (good n bad) then is he the cause of todays dispute in the socity,todays terrorism etc.

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  • "In the material creations, the Lord is only the supreme cause. The immediate cause is material nature, by which the cosmic manifestation is made visible." The created beings are of many varieties, such as the demigods, human beings and lower animals, and all of them are subject to the reactions of their past good or bad activities. The Lord only gives them the proper facilities for such activities and the regulations of the modes of nature, but He is never responsible for their past and present activities. In the Vedānta-sūtra (2.1.34) it is confirmed, vaiṣamya-nairghṛṇye na sāpekṣatvāt: the Lord is never partial to any living entity. The living entity is responsible for his own acts. The Lord only gives him facilities, through the agency of material nature, the external energy. Anyone who is fully conversant with all the intricacies of this law of karma, or fruitive activities, does not become affected by the results of his activities. In other words, the person who understands this transcendental nature of the Lord is an experienced man in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, and thus he is never subjected to the laws of karma. One who does not know the transcendental nature of the Lord and who thinks that the activities of the Lord are aimed at fruitive results, as are the activities of the ordinary living entities, certainly becomes entangled himself in fruitive reactions. But one who knows the Supreme Truth is a liberated soul fixed in Kṛṣṇa consciousness.


  • Hare Krishna mata ji. Divya mataji, u r true. with a little amount of knowledge i was on the way of knowing Krishna. thanks a lot to show me the right way.
    Hare Krishna
  • Hare Krsna

    The statement from Brahma Samhita is true in absolute sense. Krsna has no other cause and He is the cause of all causes.

    Now coming to your query.

    Whatever right or wrong action a man performs by body, mind or speech is caused by five factors.

    Now, one who does not consider the five factors is certainly not very intelligent and cannot see things as they are.

    What are these five factors?

    1) The place of action(the body).

    2) The performer or the individual living entity.

    3) The various senses.

    4) The many different kinds of endeavor.

    5) The Supersoul.

    Krsna mentions that the Supreme Lord does not assume anyone's sinful or pious activities. Embodied beings, however, are bewildered because of the ignorance which covers their real knowledge.


    He does not create a particular situation for any living entity, but the living entity, bewildered by ignorance, desires to be put into certain conditions of life and thereby his chain of action and reaction begins.

  • Haribol pravuji. but according to your answer if Krishna knows the effect of bad then why he becomes the creator or cause of such rude activity?
    Judge is not the creator of law. he is there only to declair the desision.
  • Hare Krishna mataji. i m very happy that u have answered. but i am confused that if Krishna knows the effect of bad things, then why he created such things.
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    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,



    It is true that Krsna is the cause of all causes, the same way any music is caused by the seven surs, or there are basic colours, they combine and make a lot of colours and shades in the world. THat same way, there are certain basic rules that are made for this world - Krsna is the cause of them and has made them. He has also given jivatma limited freedom of free will. What jivatma does out of that free will is his job. What I am trying to say is that the laws of the whole world, its characteristics, is like a software that has been created by God. The corruptions to that software are the doing of jivatma.

    Dispute in todays society and acts like terrorism is the combination of the limited freedom given to jivatma with Kali. This is the age of Kali - kalah or klesh is the characteristic of this age. Yes, Krsna has created the four yugas and the nature of the four yugas. So you can say He is the ultimate cause of all causes.

    I hope I have been able to explain to you the concept.


    Your humble servant,



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