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hare krishna, PAMHO,  i just wanted to discuss the fact that lord krishna is omniscient and ever present in everyone's heart and he knows every one's feelings or whatever any soul does or think or act as he is the super soul inside us.  and srimati radharani is none other than the internal and pleasure giving potency of lord the hladini shakti and she is is none other than lord himself so lord already knows the insurmountable devotion which srimati radharani has for lord krishna and this is a fact.  

So i wanted to know as we say that Lord Caitanya incarnated to taste or to fell the love or devotion which srimati radharani has for lord himself, so he advented as a combined form of lord caitanya to see the love of srimati radharani for the lord, but as the lord is omniscient and ever present and srimati radharani is none other than lord himself in a different mellow thus lord already knew her love  and devotion for him. So what was the explicit need for lord to see the love or devotion of srimati radharani when lord already knew it. 

Hari Bol...

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  • Sometimes people think that Lord is satisfied with first class food, precious gifts and garlands or hard work service,

    but actually He is attracted only with pure unconditional love for Him.

    Sometimes people say that if you love someone then you must do something, you cant do nothing, but thats not true.

    Almost all Gopis were married, having kids and husbands, they needed to do their house works every day, but the only thing is that they always think on Him.

    When married wife fell in love with another man, she thinks on her lover intensively,  no matter of hers husband and kids association and  ordinary activities.

    We can say that love is activity of the heart which occupies the mind intensively.

    Only those who intensively occupy  mind with Him will attain Him.

    Love for Him is a divine nectar which He likes to drink over and over again, therefore He creates situations where such nectar can be produced.

    • pamho prabhu,

      but this has still not cleared the question, but lord tastes that love already because he is the supersoul and he feels and tastes everything whatever his/her  devotee does as an act of devotion towards the lord, but why lord had to come explicitly as a combined form of srimati radharani and krishna himself, as lord caitanya to taste that love he tastes every time as he is non different than srimati radharani herself, thats the point i want to discuss prabhu on which i am still not clear.

      hari bol.

      • I already said, that He creates situations where such nectar can be produced.

        He  created all universe for His games and pleasure, and  when comes time for Him to rest, He destroyes all universe, and all His parts or jivas entering His body to rest to.

        There is only Him who was at the begining, who is now and who will be on end,

        but because of the illusion, separatist is a blind to see real truth.

        Even immortal celestials with all mystic powers cant fully understand Lords past times,

        what to talk about others.

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