• Yes we are sons & daughters of God
    If one can count thousands of times & lifeTimes removed.
  • Yes we are / our SouL/Spirit/Essence is part & parcels of the Head God However, Like Vishnu KRISHNA is not of A JevaAutma species hence refering to Jevas as
    "Part-&-parcel" is at it's best an awesome stretch yet tru'
  • Hare Krishna,

    Those who don't want to follow iskcon can always leave iskcon and preach whatever they know. No body is forcing them to accept iskcon philosophy.

    • then, What about Sanatana Dharma philosophy  ,which is universal , which is beyond space and time , which is the essence of all religions , which is all about dharma , karma , artha , kama aur moksha .........

       which is followed not only on this Earth , but also in Swargloka,Gauloka,Patala loka, Rudraloka, Brahma loka, Vaikuntha loka and all other lokas.............

             should we kick out this phiosophy for the new philosophy of one only God.....

             If you are indian, then you must know about indian culture deep downly whose essence is

             only Sanathan.....the oldest and surviving Dharma from 1st Manvantra to this present Manvantra            and beyond....



      • Hare Krishna,

        Mr VJ Singh,

        What you are speaking about is advaitha vedantha,It is not the only culture of India.India has variety of cultures which DOES NOT ACCEPT the above said views of you,



                      Sri Vaishnavism(South Indian,Thenkalai,Vadakalai,Ramanandhi)

                     Rudra Vaishnavism(Pusti Marg)

                     Shankardevs Vaishnavism

                    Nibarkra Sambradaya

                    Goudiya Sambradaya(ISKCON'S Sambradaya)

         Other Phillosophies

                             Shaiva Siddhantha

                             Veera Shaivism

                             Kashmiri Shavism

        These vaishnava phillosophies  are not new philosophies.These phillosophies are existing since begining of time.

      • You do have a point and also you are contradicting the essence of spirituality and yourself. People are not taking you seriously because you do not seem sincere or humble in any way. You start by comparing gods. That's like comparing my car is better than yours or our military is better than yours. That's cheap & childish ego stroking at best. It feels good I know but it will lead nowhere. Rather than inquiring with genuine curiosity you are trying to shove your own relative understanding as the "true understanding" all the while dismissing Gaudiya Vaishnava's understanding as "false" or "inaccurate". You're biting your own tail because you're indulging in relativism, surest way to keep you confuse and trap. If you have received some amount of understanding of God good. Start there but grow and make progress. If you go around hollering your own little insights is the best while others are false or incomplete or untrue...your issue is not with God, or philosophy, or Krishna or Shiva or "demigods". It's you. You've got issues buddy. It's your ego. If you don't understand or hard accept something inquire rather than getting all wound up over nothing.

        First of, why are you identifying yourself as an Indian? You also claimed that you know the Vedas? You see, God doesn't care how much you know or who you are. If you're humble and sincere enough to inquire you'll be heard. In all honesty nobody knows what God really is. He is too incomprehensible to fathom with this tiny little mind. No single personality in History (except loons) have claimed to have known God. What they did is they attained a very small part of God and perfected their lives.

        It's true that He manifested everywhere in different forms and degrees according to the prevailing condition of the places of His manifestation. The mercy of God is that He gives everybody a chance to start somewhere - whether it be in ignorance or passion or goodness.

      • This is really great, we have got Srila Vyasadeva of Kaliyuga in this forum in the form of V J Singh Prabhu. 

        Though unfortunately his statements are mare childish, sentimental and devoid of any proper logic, unfortunately he is trying to preach this to the iskcon devotees which will be a total failure because no one is interested here to listen to such  mentally concocted flow of garbages. But we know in the outside world people at large believes whatever is spoken to them in the name of spirituality , there are hundreds of such personalities present in the society who are fooling people by presenting their own philosophy. So better you kindly try there, don't unnecessarily waste your valuable time here.Wish you all the best.


  • Because all living entities are just parts and parcels of Lord, in another words sons and daughters of Lord,

    Kali Maa is the daughter and servant of the Lord Krishna.


    SB 10.2.7The Lord ordered Yoga-māyā: O My potency, who are worshipable for the entire world and whose nature is to bestow good fortune upon all living entities, go to Vraja, where there live many cowherd men and their wives. In that very beautiful land, where many cows reside, Rohiṇī, the wife of Vasudeva, is living at the home of Nanda Mahārāja. Other wives of Vasudeva are also living there incognito because of fear of Kaṁsa. Please go there.

    SB 10.2.8Within the womb of Devakī is My partial plenary expansion known as Saṅkarṣaṇa or Śeṣa. Without difficulty, transfer Him into the womb of Rohiṇī.
    SB 10.2.9O all-auspicious Yoga-māyā, I shall then appear with My full six opulences as the son of Devakī, and you will appear as the daughter of mother Yaśodā, the queen of Mahārāja Nanda.
    SB 10.2.10By sacrifices of animals, ordinary human beings will worship you gorgeously, with various paraphernalia, because you are supreme in fulfilling the material desires of everyone.
    SB 10.2.11-12Lord Kṛṣṇa blessed Māyādevī by saying: In different places on the surface of the earth, people will give you different names, such as Durgā, Bhadrakālī, Vijayā, Vaiṣṇavī, Kumudā, Caṇḍikā, Kṛṣṇā, Mādhavī, Kanyakā, Māyā, Nārāyaṇī, Īśānī, Śāradā and Ambikā.
    SB 10.2.13The son of Rohiṇī will also be celebrated as Saṅkarṣaṇa because of being sent from the womb of Devakī to the womb of Rohiṇī. He will be called Rāma because of His ability to please all the inhabitants of Gokula, and He will be known as Balabhadra because of His extensive physical strength.
    SB 10.2.14Thus instructed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Yoga-māyā immediately agreed. With the Vedic mantra om, she confirmed that she would do what He asked. Thus having accepted the order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, she circumambulated Him and started for the place on earth known as Nanda-gokula. There she did everything just as she had been told.
    SB 10.4.9The child, Yoga-māyā-devī, the younger sister of Lord Viṣṇu, slipped upward from Kaṁsa’s hands and appeared in the sky as Devī, the goddess Durgā, with eight arms, completely equipped with weapons.
    SB 10.4.10-11The goddess Durgā was decorated with flower garlands, smeared with sandalwood pulp and dressed with excellent garments and ornaments made of valuable jewels. Holding in her hands a bow, a trident, arrows, a shield, a sword, a conchshell, a disc and a club, and being praised by celestial beings like Apsarās, Kinnaras, Uragas, Siddhas, Cāraṇas and Gandharvas, who worshiped her with all kinds of presentations, she spoke as follows.
    SB 10.4.12O Kaṁsa, you fool, what will be the use of killing me? The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who has been your enemy from the very beginning and who will certainly kill you, has already taken His birth somewhere else. Therefore, do not unnecessarily kill other children.
    SB 10.4.13After speaking to Kaṁsa in this way, the goddess Durgā, Yoga-māyā, appeared in different places, such as Vārāṇasī, and became celebrated by different names, such as Annapūrṇā, Durgā, Kālī and Bhadrā.
    Sometimes people do not understand this verse : SB 10.4.9
    sā tad-dhastāt samutpatya
     sadyo devy ambaraṁ gatā
    adṛśyatānujā viṣṇoḥ
    The child, Yoga-māyā-devī, the younger sister of Lord Viṣṇu, slipped upward from Kaṁsa’s hands and appeared in the sky as Devī, the goddess Durgā, with eight arms, completely equipped with weapons.
    Where word adṛśyatānujā viṣṇoḥ means ''was seen as younger sister of Vishnu'' .
    The question ''How that can be ? ''  is a mystic for a many Vaishnava teachers, therefore  I will dare to say my opinion :
    The Lord appeared as son of Devaki, then some moments after, Yoga Maya appeared as daughter of Yashoda. Despite that truth, people normally do not see any relationship as brother and youngers sister between them. That's because they missing one detail.
    As soon as Vasudev returned in the prison with a female baby he stole from mother Yashoda, he gave the baby to Devaki . Because mother Devaki accepted that child as hers, therefore Krishna and Kali Maa are brother and sister based on Vedic dharma principle.
    Someone can say ok, but where is says that Devaki accepted that baby as her child ?  Well, here :
    SB 10.4.7Śukadeva Gosvāmī continued: Piteously embracing her daughter and crying, Devakī begged Kaṁsa for the child, but he was so cruel that he chastised her and forcibly snatched the child from her hands.
    That's why, Yogamaya in Lords past times was seen as Vishnu anuja, younger sister of Lord Vishnu who appeared as Devaki son, despite the truth that she is the servant of Lord.
    • Dean Prabhuji,

      First think God is One......He/She can make anybody equalent to Him/Her.

      Examples : Goverdhan Parvat , Yogamaya , Hanumanji , Barbirik (the grandson of Bhima) , and many other bhakts of God...

      Does Goverdhan Parvat worshipped as demigod ???

      No, he is  worshipped as God equivalent to Lord Krishna.............

      Does Hanumanji worshipped as demigod ???

      No, he is  worshipped equivalent to God as Lord Ram's biggest & foremost devotee...........

      Does Barbirikji worshipped as demigod ???

      No, he is  worshipped as God equivalent to Lord Krishna as Khatu Shyamji (in Rajasthan) who in DwaparYuga could end the MahaBhrata War with just 3 Arrows......

      Similarly, the case with YogaMaya whom Lord Krishna gives equivalent status to God.......                    not mere as demigoddess whom we all mistakenly understand..

      But it doesn't mean that Kali maa is the servant of Lord Krishna...YogMaya is truely the servant of Lord but Kali Maa is the servant of MahaDev Only...

      It's MahaDev who prevented MahaKali who got fond of blood after killing demon RaktaBeej,by laying down among corpses and she stepped on MahaDev's chest but when she realized her mistake that she stepped on her husband's chest and in embarrassment, her tongue immediately came out..

      by the way,the relation between Parvatji & Lord Krishna is very deep...sometimes it's the relation of only brother-sister but sometimes it becomes the relation of mother-son which can't be understood easily by we fellow deotees...

      And Question is who are we to decide who is supreme and who is not supreme ??

      We are just fellow people....nothing are we...

      • Humans worship many different personalities as God, but that doesn't mean they are equal to Him in any way. Actually, all demigods and devotees, such as Brahma, Shiva, Durga, Hanuman,..are just a parts and parcels of Him. 

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