• hare Krishna mataji
    all glories to Srila Prabhupad
    please accept my humble obeisances
    Even if I'm neophyte devotee but I think I could answer ur question becuz once I was also thinking like u
    Yeah its really nice to love Krishna nothing can be better than this, becuz loving Krishna with pure devotion is achieving hightest perfection.
    In tenth canto chapter 69 of srimad bhagavatam when Great sage Narada visit different palaces of lord's queens, lord Krishna was present in every palace, becuz as v knw Lord is unlimited that's y he divide himself into sixteen thousand forms, and every queens used to think that she is most dear to lord, pls try to read that chapter its so beautiful.
    lord krishna is self-sufficient he don't need any1 but to please his devotees he took many forms.
    lord is present in every1's heart so any1 can love him
    If One wanna love Krishna than its really good he/she should develop this feelings more and more but he/she can't stop others from loving him.
    If One want to serve lotus feet of lord, but if that person dnt wanna let others to serve lotus feet of lord than its wrg
    Becuz if sum1 becomes proud for his/her devotion towards lord then, lord Krishna himself take pride of a devotee and make him lament. cuz lord don't want his devotees to be proudist.
    So u must love lord Krishna with all ur heart and soul bt please dnt be proud of it.

    pls forgive me if u dnt find my answer satisfactory
    hare krishna
  • harekrishna he s evry thing

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