kindly don't be angry on me and i wants to know more details so asking.

          i heard when one kills cow (body of cow) person has to get killed number of times as many hair on cows body. but one thing bewilders me as actually person can't kill soul inside body of cow , i mean there should be same reaction for all killings

         a) when one kills human he gets less reaction compare to that of killing of cow that means cow is better than human? 

          But then,

          b) why scriptures doesn't mention that cow species is better than human w.r.t. liberation . we always say that only in human body only achieves perfection or liberation that indirectly shows human species is better than any other species ?

         c) again now if we agree with scriptures then is it the same soul in the cows body kills killer millions times then soul of cow body also have to take that many birth that is problem for both parties.

         logically action should have equal and opposite reaction is understandable.

         kindly give corrections and suggestions.

         d) i assume many will say bcoz krishna likes cows but actually he likes soul in the body of cows. and one may say but anyway if krishna loves cows like anything then why he doesn't stop cow killing which is happening at rate minimum 1,00,000/day.

         e) Does krishna differentiate between golok, indian, non-indian cows ? if not then why he doesn't save them personally ?

         f) now what if one kills butcher/cow meat eater/seller what will be reaction ?

          please write comments with question index reference if posible.  


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        • what if one takes a bull's body ? will he get human body in next birth

          • Volunteer

            yes, bull is also as holy as cow. Bull represents religion. Very dear to Krishna. Four of his legs represent:




            and austerity.

            Bull also gives dung, urine. And usually urine is used in medical purposes it says that woman who can not have child has to take bull urine ... it is from ayurveda.

            Your servant, 

  • Hare Krishna

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    i will answer i am not hebichude to right so much 

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  • HK Prabhuji, PAMHO, AGTSP, AGTGAG:

    :D, this is my first reaction to your post.

    The cow is given the status of a mother along with other 6 mothers; viz., one's own mother, guru's wife, king's wife, nurse, etc...

    The cow is not seen as an animal, but even though it looks like an animal, it has given shelter to all 33 million demigods in it, so each cow is equal to one full Universe in the solar system.

    Now, it makes sense why Krsna was a cowherd boy. It was not cows he was herding, it is the number of universes he was managing playfully.

    If we go by sentence by sentence from scriptures, we will find many contradictory statements, everything relate to different subject matters at different domain and different timing.

    Human form is better because it is only the human who can utilize his brain for self realization. Before one gets a human body, the previous life would have been that of a cow and before the cow, it is a dog's body that the soul takes.

    I don't know if I cleared your doubt, but I am not comfortable in answering your questions in index fashion because the answer will not lead anyone to Krsna Consciousness. KC is transcended to all these speculations, so better chant and be happy.

    Hare Krsna...

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