Hare Krishna,

I'm chanting 16 rounds since 3 months and very interested in KC. My husband and I attend the Baktivriksha every firday. I want to know how to deal/raise kids so that they come closer to krishna. Pl let me know,


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  • Thanks you prabhuji and mataji, I will try my best to follow .

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    What I know is that kids never follow what we say, they always follow what we do. So to make them Krsna Conscious, you and your husband have to become Krsna Conscious. They have to be brought into it in a very loving way. Whatever food comes out of your kitchen should be Krsna prasadam, offered food. You should do arati twice a day - same songs that are sung in the temple at the respective times, observe ekadasi, read SP books together in the night and have a smal summary discussion later - what did we learn from what we read.

    Enrol them in the kids class - whatever is going on in your temple, take them to programs with you if there is nothing. Make them sit and hear the lectures, its possible.

    Give them Krsna books to read - nowadays there are books for each age group in the temple, make it a practise to buy one by one and keep giving them to read.

    Stop going out to restaurants to the extent possible and eat home cooked, offered food. Chant in front of them and encourage them to follow.

    Best of luck,


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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    Hare krsna mataji,

    Most temples also run classes for the kids according to their age group. Check with your local temple and enrol your kids into the program. This way it will keep them away from TV or iPads and other electronic games and most importantly, they will get to hear about Krsna and also get the associations of devotees. This will assist in their progress.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Hare krsna.

  • hari bol,

    please take a look at this beautiful lecture on this topic by H H rompada swami maharaj, i am sure this will help you.

    hare krishna,


    SMART Parenting
    The article below is written for the Pune temple at their request, intended to be part of a book they are preparing on Parenting. 
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