• The Mahabharata, a book of war, is often considered a myth that should not be kept at home. However, it is actually a reminder to keep kula-reeti, or family traditions alive within families to maintain family tapasya. The Mahabharata is also known as 'Jaya' or Victory, which is positive and offers guidance. It is important to remember that books are the result of a writer's labour and should be kept at home to symbolize the victory of Dharma over Adharma. Every book, including the Mahabharata, provides messages and wisdom, making it wiser to make up one's own opinion.

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    I agree with both Rahul PrabhuJi and Sudipta PrabhuJi. Lets Chant Hare Krsna and be happy.

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    Another thing is mentioned in vedas that " If a sudra ( according to Work and Modes , not by birth) hear Vedas, one should throw Hot water in his face". you knw why? Because a Sudra take bad things out of good things, because One interpret things according to the knowledge he has aquired from the nature. Shastra says ": kalau sudra sambhaba " everyone is a sudra in Kali-Yuga. So they spread this kind of mis-information, This sudra people are now in media, ministry following their same british masters says don't keep Mahabharata, Ramayana, Gita rather keep this Sex magazine, Keep this shopping magazine, this Bollywood magazine etc..We garantee you sensual enjoyment. This is the situation in India right now..very shameful

    kalau sudra sambhaba - Google Search
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    Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Danadavt Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    This is what Indian had been taught during the invasion of Britishers in this country, they taught us to be shame on our own culture, on our shastras, they tried to imprint the faith to the billions of Indian's mind that all your scriptures, your dharma are nothing but mythology and in auspicious. Keep your self away from those and yes they hughly succeeded in their mission.

    Just like Bhagavad Gita is shown in Court with red Covered- RED means STOP, Do not read

    In todays date we see the same case when Bhagavad Gita is given at the death bed to a died person, instead of encouraging a man in his youth to take shelter of Bhagavad Gita.

    The case is similar for Mahabharata which you have mentioned. This all has been told, thus day by day Indians forget their culture , their ethics their most scientific spirituality and atlast hate their own culture, just what we are seeing in today's society, where all has been westernized. We believe in Harry Potter more rather than our Puranas.

    Unfortunately we named it as modern civilization in mask of which we are seeing teenage pregnancy, illicit affairs, pub culture, a puffed up youth forum ignorant of value of life.

    Your aspiring servant

    Hari Bol

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