Keep relapsing into bad behaviour

Hare Krishna.I'm currently trying to turn my life around and the teachings of Sri Prabhupada and being devoted to Lord Krishna have helped massively.My problem is this: I can help myself from relapsing into sinful behaviours after a couple of days doing well. I honestly try to start again and keep chanting the names of the Lord but I don't know how to keep myself from lusty desires. I'm not trying to chant to cover up my bad behaviours and I'm genuinely trying to reach Krishna. What advice can anyone offer me?Many thanks in advance.

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    Simply follow the 4 regulative priciples, Perform a minimum 16 rounds, listen to Bhagavatam everyday. Listen to Prabhupad videos only, and slowly you will receive mercy of Krishna and His devotees. Its a purificatory process. It will all work out. Stay on the course.

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Sorry for late reply.

    You have to follow the ABCD of devotion - Association, Books, Chanting and Diet. Association is the most important aspect at this stage. Have faith that Krsna is aware of your endeavours to reform.

    Everytime you slip back into bad behaviour, repent from the core of your heart. Repentance is a good way to cleanse the heart.

    If you chant attentively, in the morning hours, that is the best antidote to lust.

    Stay away from friends who talk about girls constantly. 

    Eat only Krsna prasadam. Give up onion garlic in your diet. That alone will make a lot of difference. 

    Best of luck.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna,

    Try to maximize devotee association. This helps to fix wandering mind.

  • pls continue the spiritual practise, when Lord sees your endeavors he will give strength. srila prabhupad said -  when a fan it turned off, it rotates for some time but then becomes still. same way bad habits will gradually reduce if you stick to the practices

    hari bol hare krishna 

  • Hare Krishna Tom Prabhu ji,

    Great that you are following teachings of Srila Prabhupada and it has helped you massively.

    I see from  your profile you are chanting 16 rounds also. That is also fine.

    Lusty desires are caused becoz of idle mind. Idle mind is called the devil's workshop.

    Never let the brain idle. ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’ And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s.

    — George Carlin
    You know what is Alzheimer's disease Right?  disease where you lose memory.
    Memory of what?? memory of Krishna. 
    Krishna consciousness is lost. Don't keep your mind Idle.
    “O Ascetic Yogi, you have donned the ochre robes, but you have ignored dyeing your mind with the color of renunciation. You have grown long locks of hair and smeared ash on your body (as a sign of detachment). But without the internal devotion, the external beard you have sprouted only makes you resemble a goat.”---by saint Kabir

    It means one is not called an Ascetic if he simply wears a orange robe by dyeing the cloth in orange color. If he has ignored deying his mind with disspassion or non-attachement it is looks like a show off and and his beard would simply resemble just a goats beard.

    One who restrains the senses and organs of action, but whose mind dwells on sense objects, certainly deludes himself and is called a pretender.-- BG 3.6

    How to get dispassion or vairagya or renunciation is the next question Right?

    We have so much studied this at length. Body is made up of just earth, fire, water, air, ether. Every living being is made up of the same composition, and all that is made of these 5 things is subjected to death one day. Then why you care for impermanent things. Care for permanent things which are eternal. Like the Soul and Supersoul.

    All that which gives u lusty desires the objects of senses are also impermanent.  

    Only way to get rid of lusty desires is 1. stopping urself from finding pleasure in impermanent things  2. completely getting dispassion for those objects which increase desire. 

    As we are still Sadhakas.. we cannot get Vairagya at this stage itself.   Ya, we can atleast stop ourselves from entertaining our senses. by distracting our mind to other important things.

    1.Things that agitate you mind or senses .. keep them away from you.

    2. Never keep ur mind idle.  ( so that ur memory of Krishna is not lost)

    3.Move always with Sat sangah ( devotee association is must).

    4. Cultivate a habit of seeing Krishna is all activities. ( so that when the lusty desire crops in u must be reminded of Krishna first ).  automatically your mind gets diverted. 

    To cultivate habit of seeing Krishna in all activities that you do.. You must keep reading SP books and listen to lectures.

    and each and every activity must remind you of some story or leela of Krishna or his devotees or anything in connection to Krishna. 

    Let us see you see the Sky  you got reminded immediately of today's Krishna's dressing in the temple was of same color.

    You hear some news..of a drunkard getting killed in a road accident.. this must remind you of the Ajamila.

    You tasted a delicious dish.. you must feel aah.. it is so tasty I must prepare this dish for Lord tomorrow and offer Him.

    You saw a beautiful woman.. you must feel aah.. what  a beautiful creation. Indeed Lord really great! 

    I saw a beautiful girl ( bride) with a big long plait recently.. I was reminded of Satyabhama. hehehe.

    what a beautiful smelling perfume.. or agarbatti I am definitely going to buy this for Lord dhoop aarti.

    you found a beautiful textured cloth.. you say aah how I wish this color and texture would be best dress for Lord.

    You found a sick lame person or blind person on the road...touch him serving help Him see Lord is in all beings.

    Realize Supersoul is in all beings serving them is nothing but serving Lord.

    Tending cows and taking care of them is also ( sense of touch)  could be done for pleasing Lord. 

    basically , diverting all senses in Right direction.

    like this u can add more. many more. Smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste only 5 senses are there.. If these 5 senses are diverted to Lord you can always fix ur mind on Lord.

    If they are diverted to sense objects they will go astray in which ever way they want and mind indulges in whatever way these senses take you to.

    When u apply all senses to one object and fix your mind .. you appreciate anything.. be it  material or spiritual. Now it is ur intellect that should play the master of the mind.

    Intellect should be In KC and should always Order the mind to see good , hear good, taste good , smell good and touch good.

    Mind should always be under control of the Intellect. Intellect should always be in KC to act properly.

    Last but not the least..

    See this Verse of Srimad bhagwatam. .. Purport given by Srila Prabhupada ji.

    " It is only by the grace of the Supreme Lord that one can be protected from the allurement of lusty material desires. The Lord gives protection to devotees who are always engaged in His transcendental loving service, and by His causeless mercy He forgives the accidental fall of a devotee. Therefore, sages like Marīci prayed for the mercy of the Lord, and their prayer was fruitful."

    All endeavors about controlling senses and all are fruitful only if one has mercy of Lord.

    Keep chanting to get Lord's mercy some day.

    Hare Krishna.

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